Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Water dispensers are the trending appliances that most people acquire considering the health benefits. The usage of water dispensers is way more convenient compared to the customary water cooling and dispensing devices. Mostly, people prefer purchasing a water dispenser as it curbs the plumbing work and can be fit anywhere in the home. To use at the home, office, and other places, the Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser renders noteworthy gains. The child safety lock, dual filtration, and self-cleaning features make this product a perfect buying option. Look into the plausible factors that helps the consumers to buy this product without a second thought. To know more about this product, just go through the Avalon A5 self cleaning bottleless water cooler dispenser review. Have a glance!

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Avalon A5 Bottleless Water Dispenser Specifications

Just read on the notable specifications of  Avalon A5BOTTLELESS furnished below:

MaterialStainless Steel
ColorsBlack & stainless steel / Black
Cold Tank Capacity3.6 Liters
Hot Tank Capacity1.16 Liters
Child Safety LockYes
Drip trayYes, Removable
Weight44 Pounds
Cooling Capacity2.5 L per hour
Heating Capacity4 L per hour
Night LightYes
Hot Water Temperature185°F
Cold Water Temperature47°F
Avalon A5 Bottleless Water Dispenser Specifications

Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review

To enhance your drinking water experience, you can purchase this product. Before that, make sure that you check the complete Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser review. Only after knowing the basic requirements like capacity, water temperature, safety options, noise, etc., one can proceed to get the best water dispenser. To be precise, the Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser offers high-end specifications and features for a contemporary home. Take a quick look at the detailed information about each feature available on this product!


It comes with an eye-catching design made of stainless steel. On the appearance front, this product comprises 3 water spouts that assist in accessing three different water temperatures. Avalon A5BOTTLELESS water dispenser comes in two color variants i.e., black and stainless steel combined with black variants. This water dispenser comes with an advanced stainless steel cabinet that holds a sediment filter and an activated carbon filter. It’s a fantastic bottle-less water cooler that reduces the struggle of changing the water bottles every time. It’s quite easy to access the water as it comes with a bottom loading reservoir feature.


This water dispenser holds 1.16 Liters capacity of a hot water. On the other hand, it holds a cold water with a capacity of 3.6 Liters. The water line can be directly attached to the water source at your home for an easy flow of water.

Water Temperature

Like many other water dispenser types available in the market, the Avalon A5BOTTLELESS water dispenser offers three different temperature settings. These 3 different temperature options let an individual customize their drinking experience based on their preference. One can choose between three outputs such as piping hot, super cold, and cool temperatures.  For customizing the drinking experience, one can use the pushbuttons integrated to each temperature option. With a single touch on the temperature button, it is quite easy to shift between different temperatures.

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism

The Avalon A5BOTTLELESS Dispenser comes with an exclusive self cleaning ozone feature. With a single button, one can activate the self-cleaning feature present on the water dispenser. This function works in the best way by sanitizing and purifying the dispenser automatically. This, in turn evades the aggregation of bacteria and harmful germs inside the water dispenser. This self-cleaning feature ensures the safety of the individual. The dual filters integrated into this product purifies the water by discharging harmful substances like bacteria, rust, chlorine, and lead. A drain outlet is present in the dispenser that allows the removal of drained water from the unit.


With the help of the built-in nightlight feature, it is quite simple to locate the water spouts even in the night. Besides the night light feature, this product also comes with some indicator lights. These lights will turn on when there is a need of changing the filter. Some other indicator lights are available for self-cleaning, heating, and cooling indicators.

Child Safety Lock

The child safety lock is also available on the hot water faucet of the Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser that ensures the safety of kids. To evade burns on your kids while dispensing the hot water, there is an integrated child safety lock.

Refill Indicator

As this product is an Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser, there is no necessity of placing a bottle inside the cabinet. Instead of the requirement of a bottle, this water cooler comes with an NSF certified activated carbon filter alongside a sediment filter. These two filters are present in the cabinet alongside a water line. The water line can be attached to your preferred water source at home or workplace. The water flows from the water source, gets filtered via the inbuilt filter, and enters the hot or cold water tanks. There is no bottle refill indicator on this product as it is a bottle-less water cooler. The dual filters also remove the bad taste and smell of the water that might occur after long time usage.

If you are not interested in purchasing a bottleless water dispenser, you can find the best Avalon water dispensers in the market at the best price. Instead of connecting the water line to any water source, you can change the water bottles quite often.


This product doesn’t make any sort of noise while dispensing water. People can enjoy noise-free drinking water experience with this Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser.

Avalon A5BOTTLELESS Water Dispenser Pros & Cons

One must have a brief idea about the benefits and drawbacks of Avalon water dispenser by checking this Avalon A5BOTTLELESS review. By knowing the pros and cons, one can easily analyze the product. Moreover, these points help an individual to understand more about the product. We furnished the pros and cons of Avalon A5 bottleless water dispenser after getting through some customer reviews.

  • Impressive Sleek Design
  • Innovative Self-Cleaning ozone function
  • Exclusive Child Safety lock
  • Integrated Leak Detector
  • Simple Installation and Easy to operate
  • Dual Filtration Techniques for perfect water
  • Unique bottleless design
  • Beneficial Nightlight function
  • Noise-free dispenser
  • Some times hot water flow becomes slow
  • No filters included, need to buy separately
  • Filters are quite expensive


In a nutshell, the Avalon A5 Self Cleaning water cooler is a perfect product for home-based and office purposes. Moreover, this product is available at a reasonable price range for budget lovers. Compared to the advantages, there are pretty much fewer limitations of this product. With the 3 temperature settings available on this product, one can relish piping hot, cool, and crisp cold beverages. On the whole, the Avalon A5 self cleaning bottleless water cooler dispenser review says it is the best choice for people seeking to get a bottle-less water dispenser combined with innovative features.

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