Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Are you planning to purchase the best water dispenser model? If so, you must get through the complete Farberware Fw29919 Water Cooler Dispenser Review. It’s one of the best water dispensers available in the market providing a slew of effective features. The highly advanced electronic heating and cooling techniques make it an exceptional product. With these two effective methods, it’s quite easy to prepare crisp cool, and hot beverages like tea, soups, and more. The interesting thing is that the Farberware FW29919 doesn’t consume high power whilst dispensing hot or cold water. Before heading to purchase it online, just check out the complete review of this product. It might be pretty helpful for you either in picking it up or not. Just read on!

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Farberware FW29919 Specifications

We provided the complete list of Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser specifications in the tabular form below:

Capacity3 to 5 gallons
Loading TypeTop Loading
Hot Water Power Consumption550 watts
Cool water power consumption75 watts
Hot Water Temperature194°F
Cold Water Temperature59°F
ColorsBlack and White
Heating Capacity5 L/h
Cooling Capacity0.7 L/h
Farberware Fw29919 Water Cooler Dispenser Specifications

Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser is one of the best water dispensers that work with thermoelectric cooling and heating techniques. One can prepare their desired delicious coffee, tea, and other cold drinks using hot and cold water. There are abundant notable features of Farberware FW29919 water dispenser that helps an individual gain great drinking experience. Take a look at the description of this product’s features in detail below:


On the appearance front, this product comes with a stylish design. Another appealing element of this water dispenser is that it is lightweight. It is such a lightweight appliance that weighs only 15 pounds. Hence, it can be carried easily to any place like during trips, picnics, etc. Moreover, the sleek design of the Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser adds more charm to the appliance.

Farberware water dispenser is a freestanding top-loading device. The red and blue levers dispense hot and cold water respectively. An additional storage cabinet is available at the bottom of the dispenser. It’s quite helpful for people to store water bottles. The notable point is that it’s not a refrigerator and doesn’t make the stored bottles cool.


One can place water cans ranging between 3 to 5 gallons on the top-loading unit. The bottom cabinet allows the storage of water in small water bottles for easy accessibility. This dispenser can heat the water at 5 liters per hour. It offers a cooling capacity of 0.7 liters per hour. It takes more time to cool the water in the cooling unit which is a drawback of this dispenser. 

Water Temperature 

This dispenser has the ability to offer hot water at a temperature of 194°F [90°C]. On the other hand, the cold water temperature offered by this dispenser is 59°F [15°C]. The best thing about this water cooler dispenser is that it doesn’t consume huge power and the user doesn’t fear the electricity bill.

Cleaning And Drainage Mechanism

In this Farberware FW29919 Review, one can get to know the key points about the significant features of this product. Cleaning is one of the important things that must be done frequently. There is no exclusive self-cleaning mechanism in this Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser. Just by changing the water bottle on a regular basis will be enough.  


During the night, the users may not get any sort of light from this device as their no nightlight feature. One must use the hot water dispensing lever with utmost safety at night. 

There are numerous Water Dispensers available in the market that offer nightlight feature provided you need to spend extra money. You can find the best water dispensers in popular brands that offer high-end specifications. 

Child Safety Lock

The Farberware FW29919 dispenser doesn’t offer the child safety lock feature. This feature usually assures the safety of the kids from the hot water. Sometimes, kids may accidentally burn their hands due to the lack of the safety lock. Make sure your kids stay away from this device as there is no child safety lock. 

Get the best water cooler dispensers available from the topmost brands that render copious safety options. 

Bottle Refill Indicator

As it is a top-loading type of water dispenser, one can place the bottle at the top of the dispenser. Once the bottle becomes empty, the users may not get any indication. No bottle refill indicator is available on this Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser. One must keep an eye on the bottle and change it when it becomes empty.


The Farberware FW29919 dispenser makes slight noise while heating and cooling the water. However, it is quite a normal noise that comes from this dispenser. 

Explore the copious varieties of water dispensers that don’t make noise at the time of heating or cooling the water. One may find advanced water dispensers that provide amazing functionalities available in the market. 

Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser Pros & Cons

Till now, you have seen every detail of this Farberware FW29919 dispenser. Apart from the effective features, there are some downsides to this water cooler. Just check the pros and cons of Farber Water Dispenser furnished below:

  • Lightweight and Slender design
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Portable [Can be carried easily to any place]
  • High-end cooling and heating techniques
  • No Child Safety Lock
  • Lacks Nightlight feature
  • Doesn’t provide a bottle refill indicator
  • Do not possess Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Takes more time to cool the water


The complete Farberware Fw29919 Water Cooler Dispenser Review might have helped you in deciding whether to buy it or not. As the disadvantages of this dispenser are more compared to the benefits, just think of purchasing it once again. This review states that the Farberware FW29919 Water Cooler Dispenser solely works for the basic purpose. The highly beneficial advanced options like self-cleaning, child safety lock and nightlight features are lacking in this product. Still, you can find more related products online that offer advanced options in the best brands. 

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