16 Best Water Dispensers 2021 – Top Rated Water Coolers

Water Dispensers play a significant role that alleviates in accessing highly purified and fresh drinking water. There are several compelling benefits of using a water dispenser at home or workplace besides just accessing clean water. We have an extensive range of water dispenser models available in the market. In that case, it could be irksome in picking the best water dispenser that suits our needs. To evade such a problem, we have come up with this guide. It provides you complete awareness of the factors you need to consider before purchasing the best water cooler dispenser. Nowadays, water dispensers come with several advantageous features like hot and cold water facility, self-cleaning mechanisms, and more.

There are a lot of water dispenser models like Avalon, Brio, Primo, Giantex, Nutrichef, and more. Each water dispenser brand designs unique models that vary in size, purpose, type, design, etc. However, each model serves a different community based on the requirements. We have done a lot of research and adequate analysis of each model. Upon considering the core factors that a water dispenser must-have, we present you with the list of Best Water Dispenser 2021. This review gives you an in-depth insight into the working procedure, highs and lows, and substantial elements of each water dispenser. Just take a quick glance at the detailed buying guide & review.

Best Water Dispensers 2021

Are you planning to buy a water dispenser? If you are naive, you may not be aware of the dispenser type that befits your needs. Precisely, there are different types like bottom-loading, top-loading, bottled, and bottleless dispensers. If you are very much excited to know what’s the best choice, just go through this guide. The best water dispensers’ list that we have furnished in this post serves different purposes. Each product holds a special feature in which it conquers. There are specific dispensers that are purely perfect for home purposes, office needs, kitchen, and other commercial requirements. In the tabular form below, we furnished the best water filter dispenser models list, noteworthy features, specifications, and more. Take a look!

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1. Avalon A8 Countertop Water Dispenser – Best Water Dispenser Overall

Countertop water dispensers are the perfect dispenser models particularly for accessing at home or workplace. Such dispenser models can be easily placed on any countertop surface. Avalon A8 Countertop water one such product that can be placed anywhere on the table. Overall, Avalon A8 is the best water dispenser that dispenses water at preferred temperatures and serves copious purposes. Considering all the elements that a dispenser should have, Avalon A8 is the best water dispenser by all means. 

The noteworthy features of this dispenser include dual filtration mechanism, the self-cleaning feature, hot and cold water dispensing spouts, etc. On the display front, Avalon A8 bottleless dispenser can be easily fit in any corner as it is compact. This plastic water dispenser is available in dual color variants i.e., black and white.

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This water dispenser has all the facilities and features that an idol water dispenser must-have. With an integrated innovative self-cleaning mechanism available on this dispenser, there is no necessity for manual cleaning. At a mere touch of the self-cleaning button, it starts eliminating harmful germs and accumulated dirt inside the filters.

One of the significant features is the dual filtration mechanism. It comprises a sediment filter and a carbon block filter. Both these filters play a vital role in eliminating bacteria, and other dust particles in water. As it is a bottleless dispenser, there is no troublesome need for replacing water bottles every time. This dispenser can easily hold 3 to 5 gallons of water. 

An integrated nightlight feature helps in lighting up the surroundings at night. This makes the water dispensing faucets visible even at night time. On the safety front, this dispenser comes with a child lock safety. It ensures the safety of kids especially while accessing hot water spout. 

  • Compact Size
  • Easy Installation
  • Self-Cleaning Mechanism
  • Child Lock Safety
  • Bottleless Dual Filtration Mechanism
  • Built-in nightlight to operate the dispenser at night
  • Integrated leak detector
  • Can be directly connected to the waterline
  • Sometimes, it causes water cooling issues
  • Hot Water Capacity is Less
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2. hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser – Best Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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If you are looking for the best bottom loading water dispenser, just go with the hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser. hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser sports a unique design that aids in dispensing hot, cold, and room temperature water easily. This stainless steel bottom loading dispenser sports a sleek design that can accommodate 3 to 5-gallon jugs. Get to know the noteworthy features of this bottom loading dispenser here.

The hOmeLabs stainless steel water dispenser can dispense water at preferred water temperatures. The hot water temperature and the cold water temperature offered by this dispenser include 185°F and 49°F respectively. Whenever the bottle goes empty, it notifies you with the bottle refill indicator. The removable drip tray helps in cleaning the device easily now and then.

The stainless steel cabinet can hold a standard 3 or 5-gallon water bottle.  For accessing the hot and cold water at night, it comes with an LED nightlight feature. With its slender design, it can fit in any corner. There is adequate space between the water spout and removable drip tray while filling a glass. 

If you have kids in your home, you don’t need to worry about their safety as this device sports a hot spout. With the unique child safety lock, this device prevents accidental burns. There is no need for lifting and flipping the water bottle as this device features a bottom-loading cabinet. This product is available in two color variants such as black and silver.

  • Easily Adjustable Temperature Settings – Hot, Cold & Room Temperature
  • Beneficial Bottle Refill Indicator
  • Innovative LED Nightlight
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Child safety lock assuring kid’s safety
  • No Self-Cleaning mechanism
  • Sometimes, water doesn’t provide required temperatures
  • Makes slight noise while operating
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3. Avalon A10 Water Cooler – Best Top Loading Water Dispenser

If you are planning to purchase the best top loading water dispenser then, Avalon A10 Water Cooler is a perfect choice. With innovative features and specifications, this product always secures a top place in the market. Some of them are very particular about the type, model, and the loading type whilst buying a dispenser. Just know the significant features of this product that makes it worth buying.

On the appearance front, Avalon A10 Water Dispenser is truly appealing. It augments the look wherever you place it in your home or office. The stylish design of this stainless steel dispenser makes the product look innovative among hundreds of products. The 3-temperature settings feature enables you to adjust the water temperature based on your preferences. This eventually lets you customize your drinking experiences at a touch of the button.

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As it is a top loading water dispenser, it makes our chores quite simple. In a jiffy, you can prepare an instant cup of tea or hot coffee or delicious soup. Moreover, the top loading feature helps you in easily finding out whether the bottle is empty is not. 

It’s quite simple to get crisp cool, piping hot and water at room temperatures. This product is available in two color variants such as black stainless and stainless steel. The child safety lock ensures the protection of kids from sudden burns due to hot water. Despite being a top-loading dispenser, one need not worry about water spillings. This product comes with a built-in puncture rod that prevents water spills.

Avalon A10 Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser can easily accommodate a 3 or 5-gallon bottle on the top reservoir. It can heat water up to 185° F while it can turn the water cold up to 47° F. A total of 3 exclusive water spouts are present that allows you to dispense water at desired temperatures. 

  • 3-Temperature Settings Enables Customized Drinking Water Experience
  • Attractive Sleek Design
  • Integrated puncture rod to avoid water spillings
  • Aids in preparing instant beverages
  • Child Safety lock assures protection from hot water
  • Doesn’t need much installation
  • Easy to use push button spouts for greater convenience
  • Lacks Self-Cleaning Mechanism
  • No Nightlight feature
  • Hectic water bottle lifting, and flipping
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4. Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Water Cooler – Best Counter Top Water Dispenser

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Are you very keen to purchase a countertop water dispenser? If so, Brio Countertop self-cleaning dispenser is the best pick. Usually, countertop dispensers don’t need much storage space. Moreover, they can be easily placed on any tabletop or kitchen counter space. If you are looking for the best countertop water dispenser then, it is the ideal product. 

Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler sports an innovative design. Just by looking at the product, one can understand that it doesn’t need much space. On the appearance front, it may look simple still, it’s functioning is excellent. This extremely compact product renders water at hot, cold, and room temperatures. It’s a perfect product that aids in preparing delicious and tasty beverages within no time. 

As it is a bottleless POU water dispenser, it curtails the need for purchasing water bottles. It can be directly connected to your existing water source. The interesting feature of this product is the dual filtration system. It comes with sediment and carbon block filters helps in providing clean and highly purified drinking water. The aforesaid filters eliminate dust, rust, odor, and other harmful particles present in water.

The unique self-cleaning feature turns this device extremely ideal. With the help of powerful UV light, it automatically disinfects and cleans the device. Countertop water dispensers are the best for those who are looking for something compact. Before heading to purchase it, just look at the highs and lows of this product. 

  • Extremely compact and easily fits into any space
  • An integrated 2-Stage advanced water filter that provides purified drinking water
  • Impressive sleek stainless steel finish & Elegant Look
  • Large Dispensing Area
  • Easy to replace filters
  • LED Digital Nightlight – Eases dispensing water at night
  • Tri-Temperature Settings – Desired water temperatures at your fingertip
  • UV Care Self-Cleaning Mechanism
  • Fittings that come in the box may not be of high quality
  • Sometimes, self-cleaning UV may not work properly
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5. Oasis Aquarius Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser  – Best Bottleless Water Dispenser

Bottleless Water Dispensers are the best products that evade the use of plastic. There won’t be the need of using plastic water bottles anymore. Oasis Aquarius Countertop Water Cooler is one such product available in the market. This guide gives you more understanding about this countertop bottleless water cooler. 

Oasis Countertop water dispenser is extremely small in size with only 17″ height. As a result, it can easily fit under any kitchen cabinet. Despite being a compact product, it offers 11″ dispensing space letting you fill large water bottles.

This dispenser can be directly connected to the water line or reverse osmosis filtration system. With the tri-temperature settings option, this product aids in dispensing water at different temperatures. One can dispense hot, cold, and room temperature water from a single faucet.

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On the safety front, the child safe dispense button is available on this product. At a touch of the button, it’s quite simple and quick to customize the amount of water to dispense. This product is perfect for home, office, schools, hospitals, and other public places.

  • Quick Installation for Endless Supply of Purified Water
  • Easy to use faucet controls
  • Convenient Child Safety Lock
  • Tri-Temperature Settings
  • No Self-Cleaning System
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6. Whirlpool Self Cleaning Water Dispenser – Best Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

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Whirlpool Bottom Load Water Dispenser functions using sixth sense self-cleaning technology. This technology utilizes unstable Oxygen to eliminate dust particles present in water.

If you are planning to buy the best self-cleaning water dispenser then, Whirlpool Self Cleaning Water Dispenser is the right choice. Mostly, people think it is arduous to clean a water dispenser once in a month or two. If you are a working person then, it could be even more difficult. For such people, Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Dispenser is a boon. Check out the significant factors that drive a consumer towards buying it. 

The LED indicator present on this dispenser will show up when the self-cleaning system is turned on. There are indicator lights when the hot and cold water is at a perfect temperature.

This dispenser comes with a bottom reservoir and can accommodate a 3 or 5-gallon bottle. This product has been designed that can reach commercial-grade standards and also produces cold and extremely hot water.

Unlike other water cooler dispensers, the Whirlpool dispenser runs through a unique cooling technology. It can form ice within the water tank that eventually provides refreshingly cold water.   The faucets are built in such a way that they are unbreakable with standard use while some others break off easily.

  • Works on Innovative 6th Sense Self Cleaning Technology
  • Easy to Set up and use
  • Empty Bottle Indicator to Refill Whenever Necessary
  • No Need to Lift Heavy Water Bottles
  • Doesn’t make Noise while operating
  • No turn off the option to LED Lights
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7. Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser – Best Water Dispenser for Home

Some water dispensers perfectly fit for home purposes. If you are looking for the best water dispenser for home then, the Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading dispenser is the right one. This product works in an excellent way fulfilling the basic needs of people residing at home. Check more details about Brio water dispenser like its features, pros, and cons below.

It’s the best water cooler dispenser that provides all sorts of convenient features to the users. The Ozone Self-Cleaning mechanism of this product ensures the cleanliness of the device. At a touch of the button, this technology cleans the dispenser by killing harmful bacteria settled in water tanks. There is no need of getting into the hectic problem of cleaning it manually. At a touch of the button, it switches into the self-cleaning mode.

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This bottom loading self-cleaning water dispenser doesn’t require troublesome lifting, flipping, and water spillings. It also makes it quite simple to replace the water bottle whenever necessary. It easily provides piping hot, crisp cold and room temperature water that in turn aids in preparing hot beverages and cool refreshments.

The child safety lock feature ensures the safety of kids preventing them from the accidental pouring of hot water. The safety of your beloves ones is at your fingertips with this safety lock feature. The LED nightlight feature helps to view the water dispensing spouts during the night. One can easily clean the external part of the dispenser as it comes with a removable drip tray.

  • Simple installation
  • Elegant Sleek Design
  • Great Bottom Loading Facility Evading Hectic Liftings
  • Tri-Temperature Settings
  • Unique LED Digital Nightlight Feature
  • Highly Useful Child Safety Lock
  • Ozone Self Cleaning Feature
  • Sometimes, it delays providing crisp cold water
  • Makes slight noise
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8. Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler – Best Water Dispenser for Kitchen

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Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler is the best water filter dispenser which is perfect for a kitchen. There are various crucial elements rendered by this water cooler dispenser making it perfectly suitable for any kitchen. Know the key features of this countertop water cooler provided in this post.

Nutrichef Countertop water cooler dispenser sports both the hot and cold water faucet nozzles. One can select between hot and cold water easily for preparing delicious beverages. It’s a countertop dispenser that comes with a top-loading reservoir. Just by placing a full water bottle, it starts providing water at desired temperatures. It can easily hold 3 or 5-gallon bottles that are quite adequate in the kitchen. 

One of the interesting features of this dispenser is that it is known for its ultra-quiet operation. It comes with an automatic electric plug-in system that makes cool water at a rapid pace. On the appearance front, this dispenser looks elegant and perfectly fits in-home or workplace. It can be simply placed on a table in any corner and access it with the utmost convenience.

Safety is the major concern while using dispensers that sports an exclusive faucet nozzle for hot water. This device comes equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water spout. This lock assures hassle-free operation even if there are kids at home. 

  • Fits easily on any tabletop
  • Ability to choose between hot and cold water
  • Automatic Electric Plug-in for Quick Water Cooling abilities
  • Hassle-free operation at home/office
  • Child Safety Lock for kid’s protection
  • Impressive Design
  • In some cases, water taste may alter
  • Few Water leakage issues
  • No Self-cleaning system
  • Lacks Nightlight feature
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9. Kuppet Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser – Best Water Dispenser for Office

Some of the employees prefer purchasing a water dispenser that fits the office environment. If you are looking for the best water cooler dispenser for office then, the Kuppet Countertop dispenser is right before you. It’s one of the best water dispensers available in the market ideal for home and office purposes. Planning to buy it for your office? Just take a look at the features of this product.

The Kuppet countertop cooler dispenser provides hot and cold water aiding us to make fresh beverages and cool refreshments. At the touch of a button, one can easily prepare hot coffee and other instant soups. It sports two nozzles exclusively for dispensing hot and cold water.

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This countertop water cooler accommodates 3 to 5 gallons of water jugs on its top reservoir. It comes with a detachable smart seat that can be disassembled without any hassle during cleaning purposes. Two LED indicator lights present on this dispenser helps understand the water temperature.

As it’s a top-loading type of dispenser, one can easily replace whenever the bottle goes empty. This water dispenser is ideal for its ultra-quiet functioning. It ensures the hygiene of the water that’s consumed by you and your family members. This dispenser renders an extremely great drinking experience. The installation is quite simple and the design of this product is quite understandable even for beginners.

  • Appealing black finish and beautiful design
  • Easily choose between hot and cold water
  • Simple installation and easy to use
  • Removable Drip Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Hygienic Detachable Water Barrel Seat that ensures good health
  • Prepare instant beverages and soups in a jiffy
  • LED Indicator lights
  • Holds only less quantity of water due to its small size
  • Sometimes, it may not dispense cold water
  • No Self Cleaning mechanism
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10. Brio CL520 Top Load Water Dispenser – Best Commercial Grade Water Dispenser

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Are you looking for a commercial-grade water dispenser? If so, you are in the right place. Among different commercial-purpose dispensers available in the market, Brio CL520 is the perfect pick. Check the vital features of this product below!

Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Water Dispenser renders amazing drinking water experience by providing crisp cold and piping hot water. This top-loading water cooler doesn’t require a hectic installation procedure and is quite easy to access. It is the best water dispenser for commercial use.

The nozzle of any water bottle perfectly fits on the top of the dispenser. It can hold a maximum of 5 gallons of water bottles or jugs. Moreover, the top-loading design of this product provides visual access to find when the bottle is running out of water. 

The reservoir of this dispenser is made of premium grade stainless steel that ensures water purity. It even maintains the hot and cold water at its consistent temperature. With its elegant sleek design and outer appearance, the Brio CL520 dispenser will grab the consumer’s attention. For easy cleaning, it comes equipped with a removable drip tray. 

The child safety lock ensures the protection of kids from the accidental pouring of hot water. Just by releasing the lock present on the hot water dispensing spout, it enables soothing hot water. Further, it can be locked for ensuring the safety of your beloved ones.

  • Instant access to hot and cold water
  • Impressive and stylish design
  • Enjoy crisp cold and soothing hot water at your fingertips
  • Stainless steel reservoirs ensuring water purity
  • Ensures child protection with safety lock
  • Non-Spilling Top
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning purposes
  • Commercial-grade persistent ABS cooler cabinet body
  • No nightlight feature
  • Lacks the self-cleaning system
  • Slightly noisy
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11. Giantex Top Loading Water Dispenser – Best Water Dispenser with Storage

If storage is a major concern then, you can consider Giantex Top loading water dispenser. It’s the best 5-gallon water dispenser available in the market. This dispenser can perfectly accommodate a 5-gallon water bottle or jug without any hassle. Get to know more information about this dispenser in this post. 

The Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser can easily dispense water at normal and hot temperatures. Besides dispensing water at desired temperatures, this product also comes with a storage cabinet. This helps the users to store water bottles in the cabinet at the bottom of the device.

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On the safety front, this device comes with a child safety lock, especially for kids. The lock is placed on the hot water faucet that evades accidental burns to kids. On the back of this product, you can find two switches that let you turn on or off the hot and cold water. By accessing these switches, the water doesn’t get heated over and over. This ensures you accumulate healthy drinking water customs.

This dispenser can easily hold a 5-gallon water bottle. As there is a water barrel seat on the top of the dispenser, there is no need to worry about cracks due to heavy bottles. The storage cabinet allows you to store disposable plastic cups, bottles, and other necessary stuff.

  • Exquisite Design with appealing white finish
  • User-friendly water dispensing faucets
  • Easy to access hot and cold water anytime
  • Ensures to provide healthy drinking water experience
  • Hygienic water barrel seat for easy cleaning purposes
  • Quick beverages and hot soups
  • Highly beneficial Storage Cabinet
  • May cause water leakage issues occasionally
  • Sometimes, water might give plastic taste
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12. Brio Moderna Water Dispenser – GoodLooking Water Dispenser

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If you are more specific about the appearance and design of the water dispenser then, just go with Brio Moderna water dispenser. As the name suggests, it’s the modern-day water dispenser that augments the look of your room. Before heading to purchase it, just know the notable features of this product.

Brio Moderna is the best water dispenser 2021 in terms of appearance. It is not just good-looking but also renders copious benefits to the customers with its self-cleaning mechanism. This product performs the self-cleaning mechanism by activating the self-cleaning ozone. It helps in sanitizing the water tank and lines present inside the dispenser. As a result, the user need not struggle a lot for its maintenance.

It’s truly a durable product as it is made of powerful premium stainless steel. It is the best bottom loading water dispenser with all sorts of comfort elements. As it is a bottom-loading dispenser type, there is no need to lift heavy bottles, flip and spill water all around on the surface. It’s quite easy to replace the empty bottle with a new one.

There is a reservoir at the bottom that holds a 3 or 5-gallon bottle. There is no need to open the cabinet to check whether there is water in the bottle or not. It comes with an electronic display that notifies the user when the bottle goes empty. With adjustable temperature settings, one can easily switch between hot and cold water based on their preferences. The customized temperature option renders an incredible drinking experience for the users.

As part of the safety measures, the designers have integrated a child safety lock that prevents accidental pouring of hot water. To operate this device at night without any difficulty, it comes with an LED nightlight option. With this feature, you can access preferred drinking water even at night. Nightlight is one of the most beneficial features that won’t disturb others in the middle of the night. You don’t need to exclusively turn the lights in the surroundings to get a glass of water. Just switch on the nightlight that comes integrated with this Brio Water Cooler. All these exceptional features of Brio Moderna Water Dispenser makes it the best water cooler. 

  • Innovative Adjustable Temperature Settings
  • Self-Cleaning Ozone to eliminate harmful bacteria from water
  • Digital Clock and an LED nightlight
  • Extremely secure child safety lock
  • Can get customized drinking experience
  • Evades troublesome liftings with easy bottom-loading facility
  • Impressive sleek finish with high-quality stainless steel
  • Sometimes, water taste might be unpleasant
  • Height of the dispenser is a bit much
  • Product is slightly noisy while accessing cold water
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13. Farberware FW29919 Water Dispenser – Best Budget Water Dispenser

If you are too particular about the price of the dispenser then, you need to prefer inexpensive yet quality products. If you are looking for a water dispenser available in your budget then, Farberware FW29919 is the best choice. Undoubtedly, it is the best budget-specific water dispenser. Know more about this product before heading to buy it for home or office purposes.

Farberware freestanding water cooler dispenser is available in three color variants for the customers. One can choose between black, white, and white-countertop models available in this brand. This water dispenser can accommodate 3 or 5 gallon water without any hassle. Apart from the toploading reservoir, this device comes with a storage cabinet. It helps people to store disposable cups and glasses within the cabinet for easy access to water.

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It runs on an energy-saving thermo-electric cooling technique for providing cool water. On the other hand, it provides hot water using high heat efficiency engineering technology. This product makes little noise while operating the device. However, it’s negligible. In this brand, there are two different models i.e., freestanding and countertop models.

With advanced cooling and heating techniques, it enables the users to prepare instant tea, coffee, soups, and other beverages in a jiffy. It’s a lightweight product that requires very little power consumption. Considering the design of this product, Farberware FW29919 Water Dispenser perfectly fits your home or office. 

  • A hassle-free operation to access hot and cold water
  • Works on thermo-electric cooling and high heat efficiency engineering methods
  • Appealing design and lightweight product
  • Ability to make cool refreshments and hot beverages within no time
  • Inexpensive product
  • Lacks self-cleaning feature
  • Storage cabinet space is very shallow, cannot fit large bottles
  • No nightlight option
  • Makes slight noise while cooling, yet negligible
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14. VBENLEM Water Cooler Dispenser – Water Dispenser with Ice Maker

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Have you ever witnessed an ice maker alongside a water dispenser? If you are willing to have an ice maker that comes along with the dispenser then, VBENLEM is the perfect product. Just take a look at the crucial features and specifications of this device before planning to purchase it.

The most interesting element of this dispenser is that it comes equipped with a hidden ice making chamber. It provides both water and ice simultaneously to the users. The parts that are in direct contact with ice and water are designed using food-grade material. Ice cube maker is capable of producing 9 bullet ice cubes in less than 7 minutes. Hence, it is the best water cooler dispenser for home and office purposes. 

This product has a top reservoir so that one can keep track of the water level in the bottle. On the design front, the slender design and silver color of this product adapts to any location. This durable product provides LED indicator lights to indicate various activities like ice-making, power, hot and cold water.

It provides enhanced 2-step child safety lock to ensure the safety of kids from the accidental pouring of hot water. It also sports a BPA-free drip tray that can be removed easily at the time of cleaning.

  • Unique and Rapid Ice Cube Maker
  • Elegant design that perfectly fits office or home
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Removable BPA-free drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Instantly provides hot, cold and room temperature water
  • Increased usability with transparent control panel
  • The warning indicator light may blink every time
  • No Self-cleaning feature
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15. Primo Bottom Loading Water Cooler – Best Rated Water Dispenser

Mostly, people prefer purchasing a water dispenser that has more ratings from the customers who had already purchased it. Primo Bottom Loading Water cooler dispenser is one such best-rated water dispenser. Check more unique features of this dispenser that makes it the best-rated product in the market. 

The Primo Bottom loading water dispenser dispenses crisp cold and piping hot water at a touch of the button. This water dispenser provides two temperature settings so that the users can easily switch between hot and cold water. The child-resistant safety feature enables protection while kids access this dispenser that appears on the hot water faucet.

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Primo bottom loading water dispenser comes with stainless steel water reservoirs that are long-lasting. It even sports a removable drip tray making it easy to clean. The customers can also get coupons upon the purchase of this Primo water dispenser. These coupons can be redeemed easily at any of the retail outlets across the nation.

The water bottle at the bottom of the dispenser is hidden inside the cabinet. This renders an attractive look to the water dispenser. The installation of this water dispenser doesn’t take much time. It doesn’t even require tools for the initial setup. Considering the aforementioned key features and other factors, Primo water cooler is the best-rated dispenser. 

  • Impressive Slender design
  • Accommodates 5 gallons of the water jug
  • Easy to control pushbuttons to access hot or cold water
  • Removable Drip tray for easy cleaning
  • No hectic installation and plumbing
  • Prepare instant cold beverages & hot drinks
  • Makes slight noise occasionally
  • Coldwater dispensing may be slow
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16. Avalon A4 Water Dispenser – Best Selling Water Dispenser

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Avalon A4 Water Dispenser is the best selling water dispenser available in the market for valid reasons. There are plenty of factors that make this product one of the best selling water coolers. Know the pivotal elements that are offered by this Avalon A4 water dispenser furnished in this post. 

One of the main reasons is that it offers three temperature settings. This, in turn, enables the users to customize their drinking experience. This product provides ice cold and piping hot water based on the preferences. 

This bottom loading dispenser prevents the need for lifting, flipping, and spilling water in the surroundings. Whenever the bottle becomes empty, one can easily replace it without much struggle. Moreover, this product features an empty bottle indicator that notifies us whenever the bottle becomes empty.

An integrated nightlight feature enables the users to get a clear view of the water spouts at night. With its incredible slender and stylish design, this water dispenser can fit perfectly at home or the workplace. 

The safety of kids is extremely important whenever we purchase a product like a water dispenser. To deal with hot water output, this dispenser sports a child safety lock. The family members can stay unworried as it features the safety lock.

  • Innovative and Stylish Design
  • Customized Drinking Experience
  • Eliminates the risk of lifting bottles and spilling water
  • Illuminates the night with the built-in nightlight feature
  • Beneficial Empty bottle indicator
  • Highly secured child safety lock
  • 3 easy to use push buttons to set the water temperature
  • Buttons and slightly hard to push
  • Expensive
  • No self-cleaning mechanism
No products found.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Water Dispenser

Buying water dispensers has become the latest trend for various purposes like home, office, hospitals, and other public places. There are a few factors one must consider before planning to purchase a water dispenser. The customers need to know their basic requirements before the purchase. We furnished some of the vital things that must be considered before buying the best water dispenser in this post. Have a glance!

Type of Dispenser

We have different types of water dispensers available in the market. The two major types of dispensers include bottled and bottleless water dispensers. Bottled dispensers use large bottles through which one can get water supply. On the other hand, bottleless dispensers are directly connected to the main water line. They don’t require bottle replacements instead they use filters. A freestanding water dispenser doesn’t require a table while countertop dispensers need a tabletop to place it. 

Storage Capacity

Considering the capacity is another vital factor to be considered before buying the best water cooler. It depends on the number of people accessing the dispenser daily. If you need a dispenser for office purposes then, you need a dispenser that can accommodate more gallons of water. If the dispenser is required for home needs, a water dispenser that can hold a medium amount of water could be preferable.


The purpose of purchasing a water dispenser means whether you want the product for office use or home. Based on the purpose, you can decide the size and storage capacity of the water dispenser. Hence, the purpose of the use is very important.

Power Consumption

To maintain water temperatures, the water dispensers require different capacities. It varies from one model to another model. For keeping water in a cool state, the dispensers need more power. Before the purchase, make sure you consider the compressor size and type as well. It is also important to consider the temperatures in your region. If you reside in cold locations, you don’t need a high capacity compressor. In such a case, just prefer a small capacity compressor.

Installation Type

Before purchasing the best water filter dispenser, make sure you have decided on the location to set up the product. Find out the right direction through which the water supply can be accessible and arrange all the requisites at hand.  Few types of water dispensers don’t require an installation process and a professional plumber. But, some of the dispensers may involve complex installation. An expert can only setup such dispensers. If you prefer bottled dispensers, check the placement and make sure there is enough storage to store water bottles.

Filtration System

If the product is a bottleless water dispenser then, it should be connected directly to the water source. Such dispensers come equipped with integrated filtration systems for providing purified drinking water. Before purchasing such dispensers, make sure your home or office has a proper water source. Usually, bottleless dispensers use sediment filter and carbon block filters to eliminate dust, rust, odor, harmful bacteria, and residues present in water. These filters need to be replaced with a new one every 6 months. 


Maintenance is another major factor that must be considered before buying the best water cooler dispenser. Cleaning is highly important when you use a product like a water dispenser. If you don’t maintain it properly then, it doesn’t provide purified drinking water. Water dispensers must be cleaned once every 6 months. If you purchase a self-cleaning dispenser then, it may not be difficult for people to clean it manually.


Safety is one of the major concerns in the current days. It is one of the compelling factors when planning to purchase a water cooler dispenser. If the dispenser that you choose provides hot and cold water, the child safety lock is a must. If you have kids at home, this feature ensures the protection of the child from accidental burns due to hot water. 

That’s all! These are some of the noteworthy things that must be considered before buying the best water dispenser 2021

Water Dispenser Types

Various types of water dispensers serve copious purposes. We furnished the list of major water dispenser types in this post. Check it out!

1. Top Loading 

  • The top-loading water dispenser is one of the most popular dispenser types. 
  • In this type, the water bottle or jug is placed on the top of the dispenser.
  • They sport sleek design and can easily fit in any corner of the room.

2. Bottom Loading

  • Bottom Loading dispensers sport a cabinet at the bottom of the dispenser for placing a bottle. 
  • In this case, the bottle is mounted at the bottom of the product.
  • One of the main benefits of this type is that it doesn’t involve lifting, flipping, and water spilling.

3. Free Standing

  • A freestanding water dispenser type unit doesn’t require a table to set up.
  • They are portable compared to different models. Water will flow at a rapid pace in the case of freestanding water dispenser.

4. Countertop

  • Countertop water dispensers don’t require more floor space.
  • They are compact and can be placed on any tabletop.
  • This type of dispenser is ideal for home purposes.

5. Wall Mounted

  • Wall-mounted water dispensers are connected through plumbing pipes in-home or office.
  • They don’t require counter space. There is no necessity for water bottles and refilling.

6. Bottleless or Point of Use

  • The Bottleless or point of use dispensers needs a plumbing pipe as they are directly connected to the main water source.
  • Mostly, this type of dispenser is used for commercial purposes.
  • In the current times, point of use water dispensers is being used for home purposes as well.

Water Dispenser FAQs

Till now, you have read about the best instant hot water dispenser for various needs. For most people, a lot of questions and doubts may arise about water dispensers. To resolve some of the queries, we have furnished the frequently asked questions in this article. Just take a look!

Is water dispenser good for health?

Yes, water dispensers help people in accessing highly purified and clean drinking water anytime. Hence, water dispensers are good for health for drinking purposes.

How long does a water dispenser last?

A water dispenser lasts long for about 1 year and more based on maintenance and cleaning. It also depends on the quality of the dispenser and the material with which it is made. It is necessary to change the bottle every 1 to 3 months for accessing clean drinking water.

How often should I clean my water dispenser?

It is highly essential to clean the water clean once every 3 to 6 months. By cleaning the dispenser frequently, it sanitizes the dispenser and provides clean drinking water.

How many watts does a water dispenser use?

In general, a water dispenser consumes 80-watt hours of electricity to produce 6 liters of cold water. 

The Bottom Line

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the best water dispenser for home or office purposes. Upon carrying out adequate research, we furnished the list of the water cooler dispensers that are best in various elements. We hope this guide on finding out the best water dispenser 2021 has helped you in picking the right one based on your requirements. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about high-end water dispensers, price, and more. 

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