How You Can Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic usage has been increasing exponentially across the world. It’s an unbelievable fact that more than 9 billion tons of plastic flow into oceans globally every year. The maximum quantity of plastic comes from ‘use and throw’ plastic bottles. Mostly, people prefer using single-use plastic bottles for drinking water daily. People knowingly or unknowingly use plastic water bottles that in turn are a great harm to the environment. Most of the bottles end up inside oceans or in the dumping yards as they couldn’t be recycled properly. A single bottle of plastic takes more than 400 years to biodegrade completely. Ultimately, it leads to worldwide pollution because of plastic usage. To evade this problem, one must try to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. This post explains the smart ways to curb the use of plastic water bottles in our day to day lives. Have a glimpse!


1. Start using a Plastic-free Reusable Water Bottle

One of the best solutions to curb plastic bottle is to carry a reusable water bottle. Instead of using a single-use plastic bottle, it’s better to use a reusable one made of copper. Moreover, it’s highly beneficial for health in many ways. Currently, we have abundant varieties of eco-friendly water bottles that are of the utmost safety to use. Some of the innovative plastic-free water bottles come with self-filtering mechanisms. 

Just ditch the single-use plastic bottles and go for the best aluminum or glass and stainless steel water bottles. The water bottles made of these materials are highly beneficial in health point of view. By doing so, an individual can solely save the production of at least 150 plastic water bottles annually. Find the one that suits your necessities for daily use.

2. Buy a Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

Another best way to prevent the use of plastic water bottles is to purchase a water dispenser. Still, some of the water dispensers require a plastic bottle to be installed either on the top-loading or bottom loading. Instead, it’s advisable to bring a bottleless water dispenser that helps you evade the plastic water bottle usage. 

A good quality water dispenser helps people in preventing the use of tons of plastic water bottles.  Water dispensers not only help people in reducing the plastic waste but also renders great taste to drinking water. An advanced water cooler dispenser provides highly purified and clean drinking water. Just switch to the best water dispenser and ditch the use of plastic water bottles.  

3. Recycle Used Plastic Bottles

Despite thinking of stopping the use of plastic water bottles, sometimes you might end up buying a water bottle. In such a case, you have a solution for that. Just try to diminish the impact of plastic on the environment by recycling the used water bottles. Instead of dumping those used plastic bottles into the trash can, just recycle them. You can find a few recycling centers near your location. The recycling process involves gathering and processing plastic material. By doing so, you can exclude the necessity of producing extra plastic. Remember that your plastic water bottle usage comes at the expense of the environment.

4. Use Huge Containers

If you are planning to purchase more number of plastic water bottles then, purchase a large container instead. One can store water in mammoth containers and evade the use of plastic water bottles. Such containers can be reused every time just by refilling them once they become empty. Often, you come across some huge coolers at the workplace. Such appliances work great as they are reused rather than throwing out.

5. Prefer Filtered Tap Water at Public Places

If you strongly consider stopping plastic water bottle usage, you can prefer filtered tap water in public places. Whenever you go out to a restaurant, try to drink filtered tap water instead of using a plastic water bottle. Otherwise, try to carry your plastic-free water bottle filled with filtered water to such places. 

These are some of the potential ways that help people in stopping the use of plastic water bottles. 


In a nutshell, we have included all the possible ways one can follow to stop using plastic water bottles. We hope this article has helped you by providing adequate knowledge for diminishing the plastic bottle use. By now, you might have understood what kind of harm a plastic water bottle does to the environment. Try to reduce plastic use and practice using reused bottles made of aluminum or glass bottles for water consumption. By changing your lifestyle a bit, you can curb the pollution that evolves through plastic bottles across the world.  Every individual must take a pledge to eradicate plastic usage that harms the environment and marine life. For more related articles, just stay tuned to this website.

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