Avalon A8 Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Most people prefer drinking chilled water, especially during the summer. The use of refrigerators for storing water bottles is quite common in the hot summer season. However, filling the bottles and storing them in refrigerators every time becomes a tough task. The best water cooler dispensers evade that tiresome chores. One can get water at preferred temperatures through the Avalon A8 Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser. It’s a perfectly designed product that can be used for both home and office purposes. The high-end features and specifications of this water dispenser will make it an innovative product. Before planning to purchase this product, read on the complete Avalon A8 Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review. Take a look!

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Avalon A8 Countertop Water Dispenser Specifications

Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT water dispenser is a beneficial product that diminishes the hassle of filling water bottles quite often. This water dispenser offers copious benefits for the ease and convenience of the users. We furnished the list of significant specifications of the Avalon A8 countertop water dispenser in the tabular form. Check it out!

Weight30 pounds
Installation Type of DispenserCountertop
ColorsWhite and Black
Drip TrayYes, Removable
Hot Tank Capacity1.16 Liters
Cold Tank Capacity3.6 Liters
Cleaning ModeSelf-Cleaning Mechanism
Filter Capacity1500 gallons
Child Safety LockYes
Cold Water Temperature47°F
Hot Water Temperature185°F
Cooling Capacity2.5 L/H
Heating Capacity4 L/H
Filtration MechanismSediment Filter & Carbon Block Filter
Power Consumption520 Watts

Avalon A8 Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Specifications

Avalon A8 Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Here is the complete Avalon A8 Countertop Water Dispenser Review that explains each feature in detail. Check it out!


The Avalon A8 Countertop water dispenser comes with an innovative and impressive design. In terms of size, this product is highly compact so that it perfectly fits on your kitchen counter. The makers have manufactured this product considering safety as the fundamental objective. This top-notch Avalon product comes with contemporary press-paddle spigots. With two push faucets in red and blue colors, one can easily dispense water at hot and cold temperatures. A total of three indicator lights are present on the dispenser that indicates self-cleaning, heating, and cooling indicators. This product is available in two color variants such as black and white. 

Dual Filtration

The Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSBLK water cooler dispenser comes packed with dual filters such as sediment filter and carbon block filter. It produces clean and purified water through the dual filtration mechanism. These filters can filter about 1500 gallons or lasts long for 6 months. Water gets filtered into two stages. In the first stage, the sediment filter eliminates the dirt, sediments, and rust from the tap water. 

The carbon filter is capable of removing chlorine, organic matter, harmful bacteria, and odor from water. Moreover, the removal of all these particles enhances the taste. The filtration which is done through carbon block is the second stage. These two filters come with a water line. The water line needs to be attached to the main water source for dispensing water anytime. An indication will be given in the form of the indicator light whenever the filter needs to be changed. 

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism

The Avalon A8 Water Dispenser Review details every notable feature that comes with this product. In terms of cleaning mechanism, this product offers a built-in self-cleaning ozone function. With a simple touch of a button, one can easily activate the device into the self-clean mode. Upon switching on the self-cleaning button, an indicator light displays on the front of the device. 

Through this feature, one can stay worry-free as there is no trouble with water purification for a long period. Usually, this function can be used once a week to clean the water tanks as well as the water lines. A drain outlet is also present on the device for the easy drainage of water upon cleaning.


An integrated nightlight feature is also available on this machine. It helps people to view the device for dispensing preferred water at night. The nightlight is present on the device between the two push faucets. One can light up space during the night with this unique feature.

Child Safety Lock

Another notable feature that must be highlighted in this Avalon A8 Bottleless Water Cooler Review is the child safety lock. It’s present on the hot water spigot that ensures the safety of the kids. The water dispensed through the hot water faucet will be extremely hot. You don’t need to get tensed about accidental burns on your children whilst dispensing hot water. Place this high-tech water dispenser at home and stay worry-free. 


One can work peacefully as the Avalon A8CTBOTTLELESSWHT water dispenser is noise-free. It’s a perfect product that can be placed at home or in the workplace. The employees can focus on their work as it doesn’t generate any sort of sound. 

Avalon A8 Bottleless Water Cooler Pros & Cons

Check the list of pros and cons of Avalon A8 self-cleaning bottleless water cooler dispenser provided below:

  • Attractive Design with modern press-paddle faucets
  • Easy to prepare beverages with chilled and hot water
  • Unique Self-Cleaning function
  • ‘Advanced Leak Detector’ that alerts you regarding any potential water leak
  • Safety Lock that ensures protection
  • Excellent bottleless dual filtration system
  • Occasionally, water taste might be odd
  • Water may not become cold sometimes


By now, you might have understood how convenient and innovative is the Avalon A8 Bottleless Water Cooler. We hope this Avalon A8 Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review helps make the right choice. If you prefer drinking perfect water every time, just go with this amazing Avalon A8 water cooler dispenser. This Avalon product doesn’t let your expectations go down. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to this website to get various product-related reviews and customer experiences. 

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