Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler Review

A plethora of water dispenser models is entering the market day by day. Despite the arrival of copious water cooler brands, few of them still consider the popular existing dispenser models. Nutrichef Countertop Water Dispenser is one of the prevalent water coolers available in the market. This product comes with copious built-in features that ease the operation. The noteworthy features of Nutrichef watercooler like built-in compressor, child safety lock, and ultra-quiet operation make this an innovative product. Get to know more details about this device through the in-depth Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler Review in this post. Have a glance!.

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Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Countertop Water Dispenser Specifications

Some of the remarkable specifications of Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler are listed below. Just check it out!

MaterialEngineered ABS
Weight9.93 pounds
Capacity3 to 5 Gallons
Loading TypeTop Loading
Drip TrayYes, Removable
Hot Water Temperature170-175°F
Cold Water Temperature40-45°F
Child Safety LockYes
Cooling Capacity2 Liters / Hour
Heating Capacity5 Liters / Hour
Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Countertop Water Dispenser Specifications

Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler Review

The Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser Review explains the features of this product in detail. Check it out!


Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler sports an attractive design that aptly fits your home and office. The unique countertop design of this product provides a hassle-free operation for the users. You don’t have to fill up the bottles and place them in a refrigerator for cool water. Without muddling up the surroundings in your home or office, you can simply place this dispenser in the corner. It features highly handy faucets for dispensing cold and hot water anytime.


Just like different dispenser models, the Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler is compatible to accommodate 3 or 5-gallon bottles or cans. One can place a 3 or 5-gallon bottle on the top of the dispenser as it is a top-loading device. This amazing product will prevent you from purchasing and using hundreds of bottles every year. The Nutrichef toploading water cooler can easily cool 2 liters of water in an hour. On the other hand, the heating capacity of this product is 5 liters per hour.

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism

Cleaning is one of the significant things that an individual must do who use the Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Countertop Water Dispenser. One must sanitize the device with utmost care. There is no self-cleaning mechanism available on this machine. However, with the simple functionalities and manual, the users can clean the water dispenser without much difficulty. After a thorough cleaning, the waste water can be drained from the drain outlet. 

If you are looking for a dispenser that has a self-cleaning mechanism, just explore. There are an extensive variety of branded water dispenser models available in the market. One thing an individual needs to keep in the mind is the expensiveness of high-end water dispenser models. If you are ready to spend extra bucks, you can good to go. 


In this Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser Review, you will get to know the details of each feature. Most people expect a nightlight option for any water dispenser for easy operation. But, this countertop water dispenser doesn’t come with this great feature. The nightlight feature helps people in easily locating the faucets for dispensing hot and cold water.

If you are very particular about this nightlight feature, you can prefer purchasing top-notch products having this built-in functionality. Ensure that you are ready to spend additional money on accessing such beneficial features. 

Child Safety Lock

Another interesting and beneficial option available on Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler is child safety lock. This particular feature helps ensure the protection of children whilst dispensing hot water. The hot water faucet is integrated with the safety lock that evades accidental burns. This aids in a worry-free use of this product.


The Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Countertop Water Dispenser is a perfect device for its ultra-quiet operation. As this device runs quiet, the users won’t get disturbed by the noise. This water cooler doesn’t make any sort of noise and one can easily carry out their chores without any ruckus. 

Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Countertop Water Dispenser Pros & Cons

Check the pros and cons of Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Countertop Water Dispenser furnished below in the tabular form:

  • Innovative Automatic Electric Plug-in System for rapid water cooling
  • Easy to switch between hot and cold water temperatures
  • Extremely secure child safety lock
  • Handy Cold and Hot Water Dispensing Spouts
  • Integrated Compressor for quick water cooling ability
  • Sometimes, water leaks from the dispenser
  • Lacks Nightlight feature
  • No Self-cleaning mechanism


In a nutshell, we have included the complete information through Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Water Cooler Review. We hope this review has helped you in purchasing the right water dispenser that meets your requirements. On the whole, the Nutrichef PKTWC10SL Countertop Water Dispenser has many benefits compared to the drawbacks. Till now, you have seen the complete review of this product. It’s truly a worthy product for those who are planning to buy a water dispenser with basic functionalities. Stay tuned to our website for more product-related reviews. 

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