Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Water dispensers serve a plethora of purposes like providing the purest form of water at desired temperatures. The usage of water cooler dispensers has been increased as these products provide hassle-free water at greater convenience. People who prefer home water purification can opt for the premium quality Brio Countertop Water Dispencer with Filter. It is one of the finest water dispensers designed by the popular Brio water cooler brand. Get to know more about the Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Water Cooler, it’s specifications, features, and more. In this post, you can check the complete Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review. Take a glimpse!

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Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Water Cooler Specifications

The Brio Countertop Water Dispenser with Filter offers the topmost specifications that ease the use of this product. Check it out!

Sediment Filter Capacity950 gallons
Carbon Filter Capacity950 gallons
MaterialStainless Steel
Water Dispenser TypeCountertop
Dispense MethodPush Buttons
Night LightYes
Child Safety LockYes
Sediment Filter Flow Rate0.8 Gallons Per Minute
Carbon Filter Flow Rate0.8 GPM
Drip TrayYes
Cold Water Temperature33°F
Hot Water Temperature100 °F
Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Water Cooler Dispenser Specifications

Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Go through the complete Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Water Cooler Review that explains each feature in more detail. Read on!


The Brio countertop bottleless water dispenser is made of high-quality stainless steel. The impressive sleek finish design of this product assures as to the nicest cooler available in the market. This device is available in a single color variant i.e., black combined with stainless steel. This product dispenses water at three different temperatures through 3 spouts. This water cooler dispenses hot, cold, and room temperature water via three different spigots. On the dispenser, 4 different indicator lights are present. Each indicator light serves different purposes.  

Bottleless Filtration

Brio CLCTPOU620UVF2 water cooler dispenser comes with a dual filtration system. The Brio 2-stage advanced water filter works on the dual filtration mechanism. In the 1st stage, the water is filtered through the premium quality sediment filter. The second stage removes chlorine, odors, and other chemicals from water through the high-quality carbon block filter. The sediment filter removes rust and harmful dust particles present in water. 

The Brio Countertop Water Dispenser with Filter water dispenser works on the 2-stage filtration system. This bottleless water cooler dispenser has a high-end filtration mechanism that produces the best quality water. With this bottleless water dispenser, there is no need to refill bottles quite often. This machine can transform normal tap water into purified drinking water. Eventually, it ensures the best hydration experience with every drop of water to the user.

Water Temperature

This water dispenser provides water at three varied temperatures such as hot, cold, and room temperatures. Providing water at room temperature is extremely beneficial for drinking purposes. For preparing hot and cold beverages, the users can utilize water dispensed from hot and cold spigots. This device renders a tri-temp dispensing system that provides water at hot, cold, and room temperatures. Three separate buttons can be seen on the top of the dispenser. With the help of these temperature settings, the users can easily customize their drinking experience. 

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism

The users don’t require extra maintenance like cleaning this water dispenser now and then. This water dispenser will perform the cleaning and draining all by itself as it comes with a self-cleaning mechanism. This feature makes this cooler highly accessible and simplified enough. At the touch of a button, it’s easy to activate the self-cleaning ozone feature and sanitize the water tank. This water cooler is an automated disinfecting device that provides the cleanest water. After the 2-step filtration process, this dispenser removes the harmful contaminants and enhances the odor and taste of water. For additional cleaning, this device works on UV-care light technology. It removes harmful bacteria and biofilm from the water dispenser.


The Brio Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser Review explains the popular features offered by this product. Nightlight is one of the highly beneficial options that help people dispense water at great ease during night. The bright nightlight feature available on this product lights up the surroundings. This helps the users to refill their glass of water late at night without spilling or overfilling the cup. This device comes with an integrated LED digital nightlight.

Child Safety Lock

If you have kids at home then, the Brio CLCTPOU620UVF2 water dispenser is perfect. This product ensures the safety of the kids from accidental burns due to the hot water. The child safety lock curbs the cause of accidents because of the extremely hot water. The hot water faucet comes with a 2-step dispensing system. It is a perfect unit for those who are looking for a product that ensures the safety of children at home. 

Bottle Refill Indicator 

This is a bottleless water dispenser. Hence, there is no necessity of replacing the bottle and the indicator as well. This product is directly connected to the water source in your kitchen for easy flow of water. The water from the source will be purified through the 2-stage filtration. Finally, the water can be dispensed through this device from the hot, cold, and room temperature faucets. There is an adequate distance between the dispense point and the water dispensing spout. One can easily place a large size cup or bottle in the available space until it is filled.  

In case, you are looking for a bottled water dispenser, you can find the best models in the Brio brand itself. Those who aren’t interested in purchasing bottleless water cooler dispensers can prefer other bottled products available in the market. 


Mostly, the compressor of this device might make a slight noise. However, it can be ignored. As this device doesn’t produce much noise, it is suitable for home and office purposes. At the workplace, one can focus on their work without any disturbances and noises from this device. 

If you are looking to purchase a noise-free water dispenser, you can find the best products online. However, you may spend extra bucks for the dispensers that are noise-free. 

Brio Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser Pros & Cons

We furnished the pros and cons of the Brio Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser in the tabular form below. Check it out!

  • Innovative 2-stage filtration mechanism for the purest water
  • Impressive sleek design
  • Easy to operate pushbuttons
  • Extremely safe child lock
  • Top-notch self-cleaning mechanism
  • Tri-temperature customizable settings
  • Beneficial Digital LED Night Light
  • Sometimes, the heating tube might generate slight noise which is negligible
  • Size of the dispenser is slightly bigger especially height


Overall, the Brio Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser Review says, it’s a perfect product for home and office. On the value front, this device is on par with a great filtration mechanism. Except with the size, this product renders excellent features like dispensing clean water at preferred temperatures. Besides this, the lifetime of both filters is decent enough. All in all, people who consider a bottleless dispenser can undoubtedly go with this product. For more related product reviews, just stay tuned to this website. 

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