Why Is My Water Dispenser Slow?

Is your water dispenser working slow? If you are facing this sort of problem with your dispenser, this guide will truly helpful. If your water dispenser is working slow or not at all dispensing water, you must locate the problem initially. By detecting the underlying problem, it becomes easy to troubleshoot it with all plausible solutions. It’s a fact that the emergence of water dispensers slashed out most of our work eventually rendering utmost convenience. Yet, there are few potential risks like repairs, product issues down the line. In this post, you will get the proper solutions for the most common problems behind a slow water dispenser. Take a glimpse!

Why Is My Water Dispenser Slow
Why Is My Water Dispenser Slow?


How to Fix a Slow Water Dispenser?

One can easily fix the problem of a water dispenser functioning slowly just by checking few connections. Before jumping into resolving the issue, you need to find out the reason behind it. Usually, a water dispenser dispenses water on an average rate of 8-ounce water glass in less than 8 seconds. If your dispenser is still sluggish than this average rate, you must check out the problem. Sometimes, the problem lies within the water filter, valve or the water supply. An individual must find out the problem, understand, and then look for the proper solution. For helping such people, we have come up with few solutions that could help fix a slow water dispenser. We included every possible reason behind the slow functioning of a water dispenser alongside solutions in this post. Have a glance!

1. Change the Water Filter

Mostly, people might come across a slow water dispenser problem whenever the filter doesn’t work properly. A filter usually eliminates harmful bacteria or chemicals within the water. In some situations, some impurities and perilous bacteria might build up inside the water filter. In such a case, it leads to a slow running water dispenser. To fix this problem, one can change the water filter. Ensure that you change the water filter once every 6 months for preventing the slow dispenser issues.

2. Defective Water Inlet Valve

 The water inlet valve helps in the easy flow of water into the dispenser’s water tank. Usually, the valve is present on the back of the dispenser. Remove the wiring connected to the water valve. Disconnect the valve from any of the hoses and check if any part of the valve has become defective. In case, if the inlet valve has become a defective one, it needs a replacement.

3. Jammed Water Filter

Another common reason behind a slow water dispenser is a blocked water filter. As already mentioned, one must change their water filters every 6 months to evade such glitches. Sometimes, the dirt particles, impurities, and other contaminants might get jammed within the water filter. It eventually leads to blockage. The only way to fix this problem is to replace it with a new water filter. By doing so, your water dispenser might work a bit faster.

4. Check Dispenser Switch

It’s situated behind the dispenser facade. You need to check the dispenser switch whether it is working properly or not. The water valve may not receive power supply in case the dispenser switch is damaged or broken. As a result, the water supply may be slow from the dispenser. Rectify the problem and put the dispenser switch back in its place. 

5. Examine the Water Tank

You need to check the tank that stores water in it for dispensing either hot or cold water. The tank keeps water ready to dispense it from the hot or cold water faucets. The water tank will be designed in such a way that it evades air bubbles from forming within the tank. This way, it allows water to dispense easily without any clogs. If you have any issues with the tank, you might have to change it. Sometimes, the tank might be leaking or broken. You can fix this problem by replacing it with a new one. 

6. Improper Installation

If you have recently purchased a new water dispenser and experiencing this problem, you need to check the installation. If you haven’t installed the water filter properly, it leads to a reduced flow of water. As a result, it transforms water into ice cubes. It blocks the easy flow of water through the dispenser. One must install or set up a water dispenser and the water filter by following the instructions in the manual. 

7. Pressure of Water Supply

If your water dispenser is directly connected to the main water source, you must check the water supply pressure. The pressure of water must range between 20 and 120 PSI. If the pressure is between this range then, the water dispenser functions properly. If there is a diminished pressure, it leads to the slow functioning of a water dispenser.

After trying all the aforementioned solutions, still, you get the same problem, try to contact an expert technician. A qualified person could easily locate and fix the problem in no time.  

The Bottom Line

That’s all! We have included every potential element that could be the reason behind a slow water dispenser. This guide definitely helps you to fix the problem of your dispenser working slowly through the simple yet important solutions. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comments section. Stay tuned to this website to get more product reviews, water dispenser types, problems and possible fixes, and more.

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