Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

Highly health-conscious folks often drink more water compared to others. Some people like to drink cool water irrespective of the season. While some only prefer water at room temperature. Water dispensers help choose the water temperature based on your choice. For the uninitiated, water dispensers help us fill up water bottles in the simplest manner. If you are looking for the best dispenser that fills clean and filtered water, you are in the right place. Brio is one of the best brands that make self cleaning water dispensers loaded with abundant beneficial features. Just read-on the Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser review here. Have a glimpse!

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Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Specifications

The contemporary water dispensers come with extraordinary features that make our lives easier. Brio Self Cleaning bottom loading water cooler water dispenser is one of the best things to fill water sans any difficulty. Every individual must check a slew of fundamental points before heading to purchasing a bottom-loading water dispenser. Before jumping into the review part, let’s go through the specifications of this water dispenser. Check it out!

Material TypeStainless Steel
Water Capacity3 to 5 gallons [12 to 19 liters]
Loading TypeBottom Loading
Child Safety LockYes
Empty Bottle IndicatorYes
Weight44.4 pounds
Night LightYes
Heating Capacity4.5 L per hour
Cooling Capacity1.5 L per hour
Removable Drip trayYes
Cold Water Temperature37°-50°F
Hot Water Temperature176°–198°F
Cold Tank Capacity3.6 L
Hot Tank Capacity1 L
Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Specifications

Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser Review

To purchase the best water dispenser, one must perform some research like understanding the requirements, reviewing the specs, and more. To help out the folks, we have included a detailed explanation of each feature of this water dispenser. Once you wrap up reading all the features and the functioning of it, you can decide further. After taking a look at the Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser review holding features, make your decision. Check the list of noteworthy features of brio self-cleaning bottom loading water cooler water dispenser.


It comes with a slender design that fits perfectly in your kitchen. The impressive polished finish is made using high-quality stainless steel. It renders an assurance to the customer that it is one of the finest water dispensers available in the market. Moreover, the easy access bottom loading unit reduces the people’s effort in flipping the heavy water bottle often.


The dispenser can accommodate 3 to 5 gallons [approximately 12 to 19 liters] in a bottle. This water dispenser can hold 3.6 liters of cold water and 1 liter of hot water. One can place their 3 gallons or 5 gallons of water bottle inside the cabin unit. Based on the capacity of this dispenser, people need to use water bottles.

Water Temperature

In terms of the water temperature, one can find three different temperatures available on this product. It includes hot, cold, and room temperature. While using this dispenser, one can choose any of the temperatures based on their preferences and drinking habits. This product can dispense cold water at a temperature that ranges between 37° and 50°F [3°-10°C]. The hot water is dispensed through this product at a temperature of 176°–198°F [80°–92°C]. It takes at least an hour for the water to become fully chilled after installing a new bottle of water. For the water to become hot, it takes at least 15 to 20 minutes. Well, it is the best product for preparing cold or hot beverages in no time.

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism

Self-Cleaning is one of the significant features of this brio self-cleaning water cooler.  This feature helps maintain the tidiness of the cooler without having to put manual efforts in cleaning it. All you need to do is to simply press the self-cleaning ozone button and relax. This component takes care of the rest. With a single touch of a button, the innovative self-cleaning ozone technology cleanses the dispenser. It eliminates the impurities left in the water tanks with much ease.


During the night, people might overfill or spill water whilst dispensing. To overcome such issues, the nightlight feature is available on this dispenser. The smart night light brightens the surroundings helping you refill the glass at night. Besides brightening, this feature also provides full visual access to the drip tray. This helps people in understanding the precise time to clean the dispenser.

Child Safety Lock

The Brio self-cleaning bottom loading water cooler water dispenser comes with an improved child-safety lock. It renders safety to the kids from sudden spillings of hot water. Just by releasing the lock above the dispensing button, the child-safety lock will be activated. It assures the safety of your beloved ones with this feature.

Bottle Refill Indicator

Once the bottle becomes empty, the bottle refill indicator feature reminds you about refilling water in it. The indicator light on this dispenser notifies you about the time to refill the bottle. When the indicator light is flashed, you can replace the empty bottle with a new bottle. It doesn’t give you much effort in looking at the bottle whether it is full or not.


This dispenser doesn’t make a noise like some other water dispenser brands. Being quiet, this dispenser provides water at hot, cold, and room temperatures. However, sometimes, the heating tube might generate little noise. Still, it is a pretty common thing.

If you don’t want your dispenser making even the least noise, you can prefer the best water dispenser models available in the market.

Brio Self Cleaning Water Cooler Pros & Cons

Before purchasing any product, one must go through all the advantages and limitations of it. Considering the same, we gathered the list of the Brio self-cleaning water cooler pros and cons in the tabular form. Have a glance!

  • Highly secured child lock feature
  • No bottle flipping as it renders a bottom loading design
  • Easy temperature controlling abilities
  • Incredible Self-Cleaning Ozone technology
  • Simple to use pushbuttons
  • Sleek and Stylish look
  • Heating tube might generate a slight noise
  • Some times cold water dispenser stops working
  • Leakage of water

After looking at the pros and cons of this Brio CLBL520SC review, you might get a basic idea of this product. It’s up to your choice whether to prefer it or not. However, the pros are comparatively more than the limitations making you feel it’s the best product.


Finally, this Brio Self Cleaning Water Dispenser is one of the best dispensers that are chock-packed with standard features. We hope this guide on Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Dispenser review has given adequate information. The summary of this review tells you that it’s the best pick at a reasonable price. Drop your queries in the below comments section. Stay tuned to our website for more product-related reviews.

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