Difference Between Distilled and Purified Water

Drinking more water daily ensures the body remains hydrated and healthy. For the perfect functioning of every cell in a human body, water is the essential element. What’s the best drinking water type? Different types of drinking water are available such as distilled water, purified water, and tap water. Know the best water to drink that makes you healthy and hydrated enough. One can drink either distilled or purified water. However, the taste of the water type is a major difference. To give a clear understanding, we presented a detailed guide explaining the differences between distilled and purified water. This article prefaces the major dissimilarities between distilled and purified water. Just go through this article that enables you to find the right choice of water for better hydration. Have a glance!


What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is a purified water type with the removal of minerals and contaminants. For making distilled water, the distillation process is required. It involves boiling water and condensing the steam gathered in liquid form. Through this process of distillation, it eliminates the minerals and impurities from the water. By drinking distilled water, it detoxifies the body and enhances the health of an individual. Still, some sources say, distilled water washes away the minerals from your body eventually placing your health in jeopardy. 

What is Purified Water?

Purified water is filtered water that’s processed by removing impurities such as contaminants and other chemicals. One can get purified water through tap or groundwater. Upon purification, various types of impurities will be removed. It includes algae, parasites, bacteria, fungi, and other chemical pollutants. Various methods are implemented for water purification. Some of the water purification methods include filtration, sedimentation, and more. Get to know the differences between distilled and purified water in this post.

Health Benefits of Distilled Water

There are a few health benefits of drinking distilled water. After looking at the advantages of distilled water, one can get to know the reasons to drink this water type. We furnished the list of the benefits of distilled water. 

  • Through some of the filtration methods, some of the contaminants can be eliminated easily. It eliminates harmful contaminants like pesticides and chlorine. A distiller will surely eliminate such contaminants. 
  • For day-to-day drinking purposes, one can use distilled water as it is one of the purified forms of water.
  • People suffering from some health issues can intake this distilled water as it doesn’t comprise bacteria. It helps strengthen the immune system of an individual.
  • The potential contaminants that are stuck to the water particles will be removed. The well water or natural water can be distilled and used for drinking purposes.
  • Through distillation, excess minerals in the water will be removed and enhances the taste. Further, it helps people drink fresh water.
  • The distilled water is chlorine-free. As a result, the water taste is enhanced.

Drawbacks of Distilled Water

Just like the health benefits, there are few downfall points of distilled water. Check it out!

  • Distilled water might be the pure form of water. Still, it is not a healthy option for people to drink this type of water.
  • Compared to different filtering methods, distillation is highly expensive. The manufacturing cost of water distillers is comparatively high.
  • The distillation process eliminates the maximum percent of natural minerals and electrolytes from water. Besides the harmful contaminants, the distillation process removes beneficial minerals as well.
  • The intake of vital micronutrients through distilled water might show an adverse impact on your health.
  • Distillation is a time-consuming process. The distillation of a gallon of water probably takes at least 5 to 6 hours.
  • The distilled water is lack of helpful minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These are the essential building blocks of a human body.
  • People who drink distilled water may not get adequate fluoride that increasing the risk of cavities.
  • If you prefer drinking distilled water, you may not maintain a well-balanced diet due to the deficiency of vital minerals.
  • The lack of crucial minerals to the body increases the jeopardy of causing heart problems, fractures, and other premature birth defects.

Advantages of Purified Water

There are numerous benefits of drinking purified water. Check the list furnished below:

  • Some of the chemicals mixed in water during filtration might render bad taste to it. Purified water will evade taste issues caused due to chemical treatment. For getting a better taste of water, people consider drinking purified water.
  • As it renders better taste, people will likely drink more purified water compared to other water types. 
  • The consumption of purified water will curb the cause of waterborne diseases such as E.Coli, Giardia, and more. 
  • The diminished chlorine levels in purified drinking water lessen the cause of cancer.
  • Purified water is free of some heavy metals that are harmful to the human brain and other body parts. The precarious heavy metals such as lead and copper aren’t good for health. Upon purification, these metals are eliminated.
  • The increased levels of fluoride might be harmful to the brain and nerve cells. Through proper purification methods, the fluoride content will be eliminated from drinking water. Eventually, it enhances the dental health of an individual.

Limitations of Purified Water

Besides the amazing health benefits of the purified water, there are few potential drawbacks. We have listed them below:

  • Different water purification appliances are available in the market. Such systems require proper maintenance. If such systems aren’t maintained properly, it leads to the deposits of harmful contaminants. Those contaminants might enter the drinking water and shows an impact on the individual’s health.
  • Despite getting through the purification methods, it may not remove all the contaminants present in water. Some of the chemicals and pesticides might remain in purified water that could harm your health.
  • The installation of some high-quality purification systems might be highly expensive. 
  • By purchasing purified water, it increases the plastic bottle waste level. If the plastic usage increases, it becomes eco-unfriendly.

Distilled Vs Purified Water – What’s The Best Pick?

To be precise, only one major difference can be witnessed between distilled and purified water. The process of water purification is slightly varied between these two types of water. Upon considering the pros and cons of distilled and purified water, you can decide the water you want to drink. It all depends on various factors like the price, preferred type of water, and the portability. It is highly important to drink clean water whether it is purified or distilled. Mostly, purified water is preferable for most people. However, it purely depends on the choice of water you want to intake. 

The Bottom Line

Understanding the minerals and other contents in your water source helps you find the type of water to drink. By differentiating between distilled and purified water, you will find the right choice of water to intake. The most important thing is to drink fresh and clean water for maintaining good health. Purified drinking water is comparatively preferable and safe over distilled water. Purified water is less exposed to specific contaminants. One must even remember that the quality of water also depends on the location you reside in. Get to know more information about different types of drinking water on this website.

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