Is a Water Cooler and a Water Dispenser the Same?

A Water Dispenser and a Water Cooler might sound similar. Precisely, the ultimate purpose of both these appliances is the same i.e., providing water at the touch of a button. But, most people get muddled thinking both the devices are equal in nature. There are similarities as well as dissimilarities between a water dispenser and a water cooler. The water source for a dispenser and a cooler can be the same. People can use a bottle or direct water line for dispensing water from the cooler or dispenser. yet, all water dispensers can alter the water temperature upon the user’s preferences. We explained this topic with a detailed guide that clears your confusion. To understand whether a water cooler and a water dispenser the same, just read on this post. Take a look!


What is a Water Cooler?

A Water cooler requires an electric source through which cold or hot water can be dispensed. Two exclusive spigots come with a water cooler that helps in dispensing hot and cold water easily. Water coolers are available with top-notch specifications, impressive design, and excellent functionalities. Mostly, water coolers are utilized at the workplace for the convenience of the employees. These days, the usage of water coolers has been increasing even at home. Mostly, the current contemporary water coolers come with integrated water purifiers. This assures people to drink purified water at preferred temperatures.

What is a Water Dispenser?

A Water Dispenser is a device that dispenses water at room temperature through a single faucet. No specific temperature setting is available for water dispensers as they are non-electric. Water can be dispensed by installing a water bottle on the top or bottom units. It solely serves the purpose of dispensing just water. There is no specific choice for users to select their preferred water temperature. One can directly connect their dispenser unit to the water source or replace a fresh bottle quite often. Just like the similarities, there are few differences between a water dispenser and a water cooler. Get to know more about a dispenser and a cooler below.

Water Dispenser Vs Water Cooler

Most of the features of a water dispenser and a water cooler are the same. The major differentiating feature is that a water cooler can dispense chilled water. On the other hand, a water dispenser simply dispenses water at a normal temperature. Both the devices serve a similar purpose but at different temperatures. If you are seeking to buy a water dispenser, just go through your requirements. A Water cooler dispenser provides water at different temperatures. If you aren’t looking for a water cooler, just prefer the water dispenser that gives room temperature water.  For the uninitiated, two fundamental types of water dispensers are available in the market. One is a water dispenser that works without electricity. The second type of a dispenser is an electric water cooler that dispenses preferred drinking water. We included a detailed analysis to make you better understand the similarities and differences between the dispenser and cooler. Just read on!

Similarities between Water Cooler and Water Dispenser

There are a few similarities between a water dispenser and a water cooler. If you can’t afford highly expensive water coolers with advanced specifications, just go with the water dispenser. However, before that, you can just take a look at the similarities. This helps the customers acquire satisfaction that at least they bought a dispenser with similar functionalities to the water cooler. Check it out!

  • A water dispenser and a cooler dispense fresh and purified drinking water through a faucet.
  • The users can connect the water dispenser or a cooler directly to a water source or municipal water line. 
  • Both devices can be used for office and residential purposes.
  • A water dispenser and water cooler are easy to use with user-friendly features and specifications.
  • The ultimate aim of both these devices is to produce clean water without any glitches.
  • The counter-top and freestanding water coolers and dispensers are available across various outlets. 
  • Numerous brands and copious types of water dispensers and water coolers are available in the market.
  • Both these products can be purchased easily online on popular e-commerce platforms.
  • Few brands of water coolers and dispensers are available in a portable form. This helps people to carry them anywhere during picnics and camps.
  • Both devices can be placed either on the kitchen unit or in any corner of the room. 
  • A water dispenser and a water cooler come with top-loading and bottom-loading options.
  • Both products come with bottleless or bottled features. Freshwater bottles can be replaced whenever a bottle becomes empty.  

Differences between Water Cooler and Water Dispenser

By knowing the major differences between the water cooler and water dispenser, you can then make a decision. The functionalities of a water dispenser and a water cooler are not similar. Know the differences furnished below in the tabular form.

Water CoolerWater Dispenser
Dispenses Water at preferred temperatures, Hot, Cold and Room TemperaturesDispenses water at cold and room temperatures only
Integrated Water Cooling and Heating Techniques No built-in cooling or heating systems 
Require Electric OutletRuns without electricity
Easy to prepare hot and crisp cold beverages through instantly dispensed water at desired temperaturesOnly dispenses water for preparing juicy drinks
Enhanced customization optionsNo exclusive customizing features
Comes with highly secured child lock safetyNo such facility ensuring the kid’s safety
Self-Cleaning and auto-sanitization mechanismsRequire manual cleaning and sanitizing 
Integrated Nightlight feature Needs to turn on lights manually in the house
Easy Bottle Refill Indicator optionNo such facility in case of water dispensers
Two or three faucets for dispensing water at hot, cold and room temperaturesComes with only one spigot for dispensing cold water
Water Cooler Vs Water Dispenser

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, we included the major differences and similarities between a water cooler and a water dispenser. We hope you might have acquired the answer to your question. After comparing both the devices, you may decide whether to purchase a water cooler or dispenser. If you are seeking for a device in your budget, just go with a water dispenser with minimal specifications. Otherwise, purchase a highly advanced water cooler dispenser that comes with top-notch specifications. Drop your queries and experiences in the comments section.

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