Giantex Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Water dispensers serve a range of purposes for the people who love drinking pure water at the desired temperature daily. Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser is one such best cooler that provides an extensive range of features. The elegant and slim design of this water dispenser enhances the look of your house. One can place this cooler at any corner of the house based on the available space. The highly advanced features like security lock, anti-dust barrel seat, LED indicator lights are available in this water dispenser. For safe and secure operation, you can purchase this Giantex water cooler. Just read the Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser review that covers detailed features and specifications.

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Giantex EP22276 Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Specifications

The Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser offers significant specifications listed below:

Capacity2 to 5 gallons
MaterialStainless steel
Loading TypeTop Loading
Drip trayYes, Removable
Cold Water Temperature42°F-50°F
Hot Water Temperature190°F-203°F
Child Safety LockYes
Cold Tank Capacity3.2L
Hot Tank Capacity1L
Heating Capacity3.8 L/H
Cooling Capacity0.8 L/H
Heating Power Consumption500 Watts
Cooling Power Consumption80 Watts
Giantex EP22276 Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Specifications

Giantex EP22276 Water Dispenser Review

Looking for an excellent water dispenser? The Giantex EP22276 water dispenser is the perfect choice that renders a slew of high-end specs and features. Check the detailed Giantex water dispenser review explaining the significance of each feature of this product. Have a glimpse!


The appealing white finish and the impressive design of this dispenser perfectly match your home decor. Giantex water dispenser is one of the best water coolers that feature an attractive design. This top-loading water dispenser is available in white color made of strong and robust high-quality material. On the design front, this dispenser comes with a removable drip tray and a storage cabinet for storing disposable cups or glasses. For its safe operation and effective design, this water dispenser is a perfect appliance for your home, office, and other places.


In terms of capacity, the Giantex water dispenser can hold a capacity that ranges between 2 and 5 gallons of water. This dispenser has a cold tank capacity of 3.2 liters while the hot tank capacity of this product is 1 liter. This device can heat the water at 3.8 liters per hour. On the other hand, the cooling capacity of this water dispenser is 0.8 liters per hour.

Water Temperature

The Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser maintains cold water temperature that ranges between 42°F and 50°F. The hot water temperature of this device ranges between 190°F and 203°F. On the device, you can find two different switches, one for hot and the other one is for cold water. The red switch stops heating water while the green switch stops cooling. To evade water getting heated each time and maintain healthy drinking customs, this product aids in saving energy. To curb water often remaining in cooling and heating states, this water dispenser helps an individual improve their drinking water habits.

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism

There is no self-cleaning mechanism available in this water dispenser. Still, you can find an anti-dust mite barrel seat available on the top of this product. It can be disassembled easily for simple cleaning procedures. 

If you are seeking to purchase the best self-cleaning water dispenser, you can find more products in the market. One thing is that you need to spend some extra money to utilize advanced technologies like self-cleaning and drainage systems. 


No night light feature is available on this Giantex EP22276 water dispenser. At night time, you may not get a light while dispensing either hot or cold water. This feature is lacking in this appliance.

If you are highly particular about this feature, just explore more water dispenser brands available online. 

Child Safety Lock

Safety is one of the vital elements that a person must consider before purchasing a water dispenser. If you have kids at home, they may not be aware of the hot water spouts. In such a situation, the child safety locks helps to the core. Just by locking the hot water dispenser, your kids don’t harm themselves. The user-friendly safety lock ensures in preventing accidental burns to your little kids.

Bottle Refill Indicator

Another missing feature in the Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser is the bottle refill indicator. After placing a 3 or 5-gallon water bottle on the dispenser, it provides hot or cold water. Once the bottle becomes empty, you may not get an indication to change the bottle. To make your work quite simple, the bottle refill indicator helps in the best way. But, this product doesn’t offer this feature.

However,  you can prefer the best water dispenser models that offer the indicator lights whenever the bottle becomes empty. 


In terms of noise, the Giantex water dispenser generates low noise from the compressor cooler. Yet, it is very slight so that there is no need to worry about the sound as it is unnoticeable. 

Storage Cabinet

To assure hygienic drinking water habits of the user, this device provides an additional storage cabinet. One can store disposable plastic cups in this cabinet and enjoy drinking fresh water every time even in public places. However, the storage cabinet is pretty small in terms of size. It fits less number of cups in the cabin at the bottom of this dispenser. 

Giantex EP22276 Water Dispenser Pros & Cons

To decide whether to purchase this dispenser, just get through the Giantex EP22276 Water Dispenser Pros & Cons furnished below:

  • Classy design with a decent look
  • User-friendly options
  • Protected Child Safety Lock
  • Easily disassembled Anti-dust mite barrel seat
  • Durable push-down hot and cold water knobs
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • No Bottle Refill Indicator
  • Unnoticeable slight noise
  • Very small storage cabinet
  • Nightlight feature is not available
  • No self-cleaning technology


To turn your home and office look highly decent and convenient, just buy the Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser. After gathering the experiences of a few people, we have come up with this Giantex top loading water cooler dispenser review. In a nutshell, it is a fantastic product that offers copious advantages to the users. At the touch of a button, you can alter the temperature settings to your preferred choice. To enjoy a pleasant drinking experience anywhere, just go with this user-friendly water dispenser.

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