What to Know Before Buying a Water Dispenser

Thinking to buy a Water Dispenser? These days, people have become highly health-conscious. This sort of mindfulness has driven them towards a healthy intake of everything. As water is a key source of our existence, everyone prefers drinking highly purified water. To ensure the consumption of pure drinking water at desired temperatures, one can get an ideal water cooler. In a blink of an eye, you can purchase one only when you understand the necessity of the dispenser. One must ponder What to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler Dispenser? Prefer the water cooler that meets your requirements and befits your sweet home. This guide assists you in knowing the things one must consider prior to purchasing a water dispenser. Have a quick glimpse!


1. Water Dispenser Type

A Water Dispenser is a beneficial appliance for home and office purposes. The first point an individual must consider before purchasing a dispenser is the type. There are extensive varieties of water dispensers available in the market. Despite having copious models, one must have clarity on what type of water dispenser they’re looking for. Majorly, there are 2 types of water dispensers. One is bottled and the other type is bottleless dispenser. 

These two types of dispensers serve different purposes. The bottled dispensers require a bottle that must be replaced whenever it becomes empty. On the other hand, the bottleless dispensers can be directly connected to a water source. However, both types of water dispensers have their respective advantages and limitations as well. If convenience and easiness are the priorities, one can prefer the bottleless water dispensers.

2. Optimal Storage Capacity

It is one of the major things to consider when buying a water dispenser. If you are seeking to purchase a water dispenser for home purposes, just go with the best product with minimum capacity. In case, you need a dispenser at the workplace, pick the one that can accommodate more bottles. It all depends on the place you want to use it. Most of the water dispensers can store basic-size water bottles that range between 3 to 5 gallons. Based on the amount of water you consume daily, you can select the dispenser’s capacity. Before buying a dispenser, just check the available sizes in the market.

3. Freestanding or Countertop

A countertop water dispenser can be utilized easily by placing it on the kitchen shelf. On the other hand, the freestanding dispenser can be placed anywhere across the house. Both the models render similar output and require equal thing i.e., electric outlet. If it is for office purposes, you can purchase a countertop model and place it on the table for easy access. If you don’t have any counter to place the dispenser, just go with the freestanding model.

There are different models of water dispensers such as electric and non-electric. The basic water dispensers or non-electric models don’t provide temperature settings. The electric water dispensers serve different temperatures like cold, hot, and room temperatures. Based on your choice, you can pick the right one that meets your requirement. 

4. Water Temperature

A lot of water dispenser models are available in the market. Not all the water dispensers provide water at an equal temperature. Each model varies at dispensing the hot and cold water at varying temperatures. Most commonly, the water dispensers provide three standard temperature options such as cold, hot, and room temperatures. Some of the dispensers help the users in adjusting the temperatures accordingly. As it dispenses hot or cold water at preferred temperatures, one can prepare hot beverages and cold drinks easily. Most often, the bottom-load water dispenser models render cooler water compared to the top-loading dispensers.

5. Space

Space is another vital factor that must be considered before purchasing a water dispenser. If your home isn’t spacious enough to place a water dispenser, just prefer a counter-top model. It can be placed on the kitchen counter. If you have adequate space, just go with the bottom-loading water dispenser. Such dispensers can be placed at any corner of the house based on convenience. The same is applied for office-use. Based on the accessibility of the employees, the water dispensers can be placed in an office. 

6. Cleaning Mechanism

The highly advanced water coolers or dispensers come with self-cleaning and drainage mechanisms. Not all dispensers come with this exclusive feature. Still, the manual cleaning methods will be available in the handbook that comes with the dispenser. Consider a dispenser that has a proper drainage system. This ensures that the surrounding area remains dry even if the water spills around. The product that you buy must render easy cleaning options. This feature helps people to drink healthy and clean water. Hence, cleaning and drainage mechanisms are some other vital things to consider when buying a water dispenser. 

7. Source of Water

The water source is another important factor that must be considered before heading to purchase a water dispenser. Few water dispensers can be directly connected to the water sources or the main pipes. This evades the struggle of frequently changing the water bottles in a bottled water dispenser. The bottled dispensers must be refilled quite often whenever the bottle becomes empty. 

8. Noise

Some of the water coolers generate noise while operating. Some of the contemporary water dispensers have been designed in such a way that it doesn’t produce any sort of noise. The modern pieces of equipment are designed with a silent feature. However, few electric water dispensers make slight noise whilst cooling. On the other hand, some dispenser models are noisy while dispensing either hot or cold water. Due to the increased noise that comes from a dispenser at the workplace, it impacts the employees’ focus and affects productivity.

9. Safety Options 

The water dispensers that dispense water at different temperatures must provide safety features like child lock. With such child lock safety options, one can ensure the safety of children. It eventually evades the accidental burns for the kids due to the hot water faucets. If you have kids at home, you can prefer purchasing the best water dispenser that comes with child lock feature. The base of the dispenser must be stable enough capable to hold heavy water bottles without toppling. The nozzle of the dispenser must be designed in such a way that it can be cleaned easily. The dispensers must be capable of removing the external contaminants like dust particles. Ensure to purchase a model that has been designed with easy cleaning features. This, in turn, assures the safety of the users by dispensing clean drinking water. 

10. Power Consumption

The electric water dispensers require an electric outlet for either heating or cooling the water. The cooler the water becomes, the more power the dispenser consumes. However, power consumption units depend on the type of water dispenser. To understand the cooling capacities of a dispenser, you need to be aware of the type and size of the compressor integrated into the product. Based on the location you stay, you can choose either a big or smaller compressor. If you reside in an area with high temperatures, prefer a dispenser that comes with a large compressor and vice versa. 

11. Type of Material 

Choosing the best material is one of the vital Things to Consider when Buying a Water Dispenser. To drink pure water and enhance your health, it is often advised to buy a dispenser made of stainless steel. The manufacturers prepare water dispensers using different types of materials. Some of them include plastic, stainless steel, and more. The water storage reservoir made of stainless steel is highly advisable compared to the plastic reservoirs. The dispensers made of plastic might render plastic taste while drinking the water.

12. Maintenance

Once you purchase a water dispenser, you will start using it for drinking water at preferred temperatures. It’s not just all. The users must take the utmost care and cleanly maintain the dispenser. If there is no self-cleaning mechanism, the dispenser must be cleaned quite often to evade external contaminants settling on it. The water bottles must be cleaned now and then to avoid the dust settling inside the bottles. The drainage system must be perfect so that the water can be drained easily while cleaning. Hence, select a water dispenser that requires hassle-free maintenance. 

13. Ease of operation

Get a highly user-friendly water dispenser. Make sure that there is enough space between the water faucets and the drip tray. This helps people to easily fill the glasses and bottles without having to hold them for so long. The hot or cold water dispensing nozzles must come with a basic size so that it can easily fit in any water bottle. The filtration system must be good enough that evades frequent change of the filters.

14.  Price

Price is one of the most crucial factors that every individual considers before buying a water dispenser. One will select a cooler that comes in their budget. There are numerous water dispenser models available in different brands that come at a reasonable price. If you invest more in a water cooler, you can get the best product with high-end specifications and features. Know the specifications and features of the product and consider whether the price is worthy. 

15. Delivery, Installation & Repair

After purchasing the product, it is important to know the installation procedure. If it’s a bottleless water cooler, you need to find out the main water source to connect it to the product. Know the person who delivers and installs the product. It is highly necessary to know these points to curb redundant charges. Moreover, product delivery and installation shouldn’t become an inconvenience to the customer. In case, any repair caused to this product needs a plumber who fixes the issue without any hassle. During the installation, make sure that you place the equipment in one place instead of moving it every time. This evades the damage to the product. However, few water dispensers come with wheels for easy movement. 

16. Other Add-on Features

There are some additional things to consider when buying a water dispenser. All the factors included in this post are the basic and common things one must consider before the purchase. There are few additional features that a customer considers for ease of use and convenience. Some of them include a self-cleaning mechanism, removable drip tray, wheels, battery, and more. However, you can purchase a water dispenser that offers high-end specs provided you spend extra bucks. If you are ready to spend any price, just go with the best-branded water dispenser that offers copious advanced features. 

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, we included the crucial factors that an individual must look over before purchasing a water dispenser. We hope this guide on What to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler Dispenser helped you grasp the necessary information. Make sure you keep all these vital factors in mind before buying a water dispenser for home or office purposes. Instead of buying the product in a hurry, just think twice considering the basic requirements and other factors. Be cognizant of every detail as it is a product that lasts long. We suggest our readers purchase a water dispenser that renders a smooth and hassle-free experience. Stay tuned to our website and don’t hesitate to drop your doubts in the comments space.

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