Brio Moderna Self Cleaning Bottom Loading W/Touch Water Dispenser Review

Drinking pure water is truly essential for every individual to curb the cause of water-borne problems. For better purification of drinking water, one can get the Brio Moderna Self Cleaning Water Dispenser. A lot of water dispenser models are available in the market. Still, Brio Moderna dispenser has a significant place among the highly advanced contemporary products. One can ensure consuming extremely safe drinking water with the self-cleaning ozone integrated into this machine. Besides this feature, copious high-end specs and features are available in this product. Get to know each detail of this device through this detailed Brio Moderna Water Dispenser Review. Take a look!

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Brio Moderna Water Cooler Specifications

Brio Moderna Self Cleaning Water Dispenser is an excellent product that offers a plethora of beneficial features and specifications. The noteworthy specifications of the Brio Moderna water dispenser are furnished in the tabular form below. By having enough knowledge about the specs of this product, the consumers can add it to their cart list. Check the specs of this dispenser and think whether it meets all your requirements. Have a glance!

MaterialStainless Steel
ColorsBlack combined with stainless steel
Loading TypeBottom Loading
Capacity3 to 5 gallons
DisplayDigital LED Display
Weight46.5 pounds
Dispense MethodTouch
Child Safety LockYes
Cold Water Temperature39° Fahrenheit
Hot Water Temperature174° Fahrenheit
Empty Bottle IndicatorYes
Digital ClockYes
Cleaning ModeSelf-Cleaning
Hot & Cold Water TemperatureAdjustable
Brio Moderna Self Cleaning Water Dispenser Specifications

Brio Moderna Water Dispenser Review

The Brio Moderna Water Cooler Review presented in this post helps you understand the major features of this machine. One shouldn’t miss even a single detail before heading to purchase the water dispenser. The customers need to know the highlighted features available on Brio CLBL720SC Water Dispense. Check it out!


The Brio Moderna Bottom Loading Water Dispenser comes with an impressive sleek finish design. With its attractive design, Brio has set its mark in the market. This product is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. The makers of this water dispenser boast it as the finest cooler available in the market. The durable steel framed water cooler dispenser works completely fine for a longlasting period. The appealing feature of this dispenser is the electronic display placed at the top of the machine. It displays the LED digital clock on the device. 


In terms of capacity, the Brio water cooler dispenser can hold 3 to 5 gallons of water. A cabinet is present at the bottom of the device providing accommodation to a 3 or 5-gallon bottle. 

Water Temperature

One can customize the water temperature based on their preferences. One can always stay hydrated by consuming water dispensed through this Brio CLBL720SC Water Dispenser. As it is a touch-sensitive water dispenser, one can access water at the preferred temperature at a single touch. In terms of temperature, this device can make water as cool as 39°Fahrenheit. On the other hand, this dispenser can heat the water to a maximum temperature of 174°Fahrenheit. 

Based on your choice, you can dispense either hot or cold water for preparing delicious beverages. This device features a tri-temp dispensing option i.e., it can dispense water between three different temperatures. It includes hot, cold, and room temperatures. With the adjustable mechanism, it is quite simple to adjust the temperature of the water. One can easily see the digital display both at night and daytime. As it is visible anytime, the users can make necessary temperature settings, check the time, and more. This eventually enables the users to stay updated about the status of the water.

Cleaning and Drainage Mechanism

This intuitive Brio Moderna Water Dispenser has been designed using self-cleaning ozone technology. This technology assures sanitizing the dispenser by eliminating harmful bacteria inside the water tanks. This excellent feature available on this product helps cleaning the machine thoroughly. One can easily activate the self-cleaning mode by simply pressing the switch. Just hold it for 5 seconds and release it. 

Once the green light displays on the device, it indicates the self-cleaning process is in progress. During this process, ozone will be generated and injected into the water tank. It kills the bacteria present in the dispenser. Lastly, the ozone gets converted into harmless oxygen and ejects into the air. This self-cleaning process can be done usually at night when this device is not in use. This entire process takes at least 90 minutes.  


The Brio Moderna Bottom Loading Water Dispenser comes with an LED nightlight providing light for the users at night. This feature ensures an individual that no spillings and overfill happens while dispensing water during night time. 

Child Safety Lock

The child safety lock is one of the highly essential safety features available on Brio CLBL720SC Water Dispenser. It assures the safety of the children when dispensing water through this machine. The hot water faucet comes with a 2-step dispensing mechanism ensuring the kids’ safety. Through this beneficial feature, one can ensure the safety of their beloved ones.

Bottle Refill Indicator

Brio Moderna Self Cleaning Water Dispenser is a bottom loading dispenser that comes with an exclusive cabinet. One can place a 3 or 5-gallon bottle inside the cabinet of this dispenser. Whenever the bottle becomes empty or running low, the users can find a notification blinking on the electronic display. This sort of indication helps users to replace it with a new bottle.


The Brio Moderna self-cleaning water cooler doesn’t make any sort of noise while heating or cooling water. It is a perfectly designed product that doesn’t produce disturning sounds. 

Brio Moderna Bottom Loading Self Cleaning Water Dispenser Pros & Cons

The Brio Moderna Water Cooler Review also includes the notable pros and cons of the device. Just like the benefits of this product, there are some drawbacks that an individual must be aware of before purchase. Check the list of potential downfalls and advantages of the Brio Moderna water dispenser prefaced below in the tabular form. 

  • Premium quality stainless steel
  • Advanced Self-Cleaning Ozone technology
  • Simple touch dispense methods for dispensing water
  • Easy temperature adjustments
  • Tri-temperature settings for dispensing water at hot, cold and room temperatures
  • Innovative Electronic Display features
  • Helpful LED Lights for accessing water at night
  • Hassle-free bottle replacement
  • Height of this dispenser is pretty small
  • Little expensive, but a worthy product


Hopefully, the complete Brio Moderna Water Dispenser Review has given adequate information for you in making the right choice. The high-end specifications of this dispenser like self-cleaning ozone, touch dispense, digital display, etc., surely drive you to purchase. After going through the entire review, you might have understood the innovative features and specs of this product. Precisely, this dispenser has all the potential features that a consumer looks after in a water cooler dispenser. Still, it’s all up to you whether to go for it or not. Just think about it and go ahead. Despite an expensive product, it’s worth the investment. Stay tuned to our website to receive the latest updates about popular products and reviews.

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