Water Dispensers Vs Water Bottles

Every individual prefers drinking filtered water. To lead a healthy life, one needs an authentic source of drinking water. Moreover, the water must be accessible easily sans any health issues. As there are a plethora of filtration devices available in the market, it might be arduous to pick one. However, it’s quite simple for any person to choose the right dispenser based on their requirements. Once you decide to drink purified water free of harmful impurities and other contaminants, you must find the right source. Do you consider drinking water from bottles? Think about spending more money and effort in storing more water bottles at home or office. Instead, you can purchase a water dispenser and install it to an endless water source. When a question arises in your mind like Water Dispensers Vs Water Bottles, what’s the right choice? 


Water Dispensers

Do you use water dispensers either at home or in the workplace? If so, you might have a greater awareness of these devices. Water cooler dispensers render amazing benefits to the users like dispensing water at preferred temperatures. Some of the dispensers render highly advanced operations like self-cleaning, innovative heating and cooling techniques, etc. One can either use a water dispenser by connecting it to a direct water source or placing a bottle. Two different types of dispensers like bottled and bottleless dispensers are available in the market. In the case of the bottled dispensers, one can place a bottle on the top or bottom of the device. Water cooler Vs water bottles – both serve similar purpose i.e., providing fresh and hygienic water to people. However, slight variations can be witnessed between the two.  

Water Bottles

Drinking fresh water from water bottles is the conventional way of water intake. Mostly, people find drinking water from water bottles is easy enough during travel as it is portable. Water can be stored in the bottles and one can get bottles in varied sizes and shapes. Based on the requirement, people purchase water bottles for home or office purposes. When a situation arises like water dispenser or water bottles, you can pick one upon considering the benefits. Before choosing between a water dispenser and a water bottle, one must contemplate the beneficial factors. Some of them include portability, convenience, eco-friendly, price, and more.

Water Dispensers Vs Water Bottles – What’s your Choice?

One must choose a better source of water i.e., water cooler Vs water bottles to maintain a healthy body. These days, the consumption of purified drinking water through fast reliable sources has become highly popular. Considering the convenience of the users, water dispensers provide a lot of benefits. A water cooler helps in choosing the water temperature either for drinking or preparing cold or hot beverages. Precisely, water dispensers are highly trending products these days. However, each water source has its advantages and drawbacks. To choose one from a water dispenser or water bottles, you need to check the pros and cons. 

1. Ease of Use

Water Dispensers are quite simple to use at home or in the workplace. At the touch of a button, one can easily switch between hot cool and room temperature water. Drinking filtered water through water dispensers is quite economical as well. In highly advanced water cooler dispensers, you can find several features for user’s convenience.

On the other hand, water bottles are the conventional form of drinking water via bottles. On the usability front, water bottles are highly simple to access. Just by opening the bottle’s cap, one can drink water without much struggle. Water Dispensers Vs Water Bottles – both of them serve the fundamental purpose of providing pure drinking water. Both these sources help people drink water that is free of harmful contaminants.

2. Eco-friendly

Another considerable factor in the case of Water Dispensers is that they are eco-friendly. Mostly, bottleless water dispensers don’t use any sort of plastic that may harm the environment. Some of the dispensers are made of stainless steel totally eliminating the use of plastic. In one way, water dispensers are environment friendly. 

Water bottles aren’t the right choice as we consume water through plastic bottles. Considering the impact of plastic water bottles on the environment, it may damage the earth and water sources as well. Irrespective of the way plastic is disposed of, it has an adverse impact on the environment.

3. Durability

Speaking about the durability factor, water dispensers are truly durable that serves for a long period. Once you purchase the device, you can get purified drinking water daily and works in the long run. All you need to do is to sanitize the machine quite often to consume clean and purified drinking water.

Water bottles are just for use and throw purposes. The water that we get in bottle form may not serve for a long time. In case, the water bottle is of plastic material, it shouldn’t be used for a long time. 

4. Cost-Effective

Water cooler vs water bottles is cost-effective water sources. Still, there are slight variations in the economic benefits that both offer to the users. In the case of water dispensers, one can purchase this product and use it in the long run. A one-time investment is highly beneficial for users. Moreover, bottleless water dispensers are a bit more cost-effective. One need not spend more money on the delivery charges of water cans. Just by connecting the water dispenser to the main water source, one can enjoy unlimited water supply. 

On the contrary, water bottles are also cost-effective when they are purchased in large quantities. But, one cannot store a huge number of bottles in one place for a longer time. The space issue arises when you purchase water bottles in bulk. When water dispenser vs bottled water cost are compared, water dispenser appears to be cost-effective as it is a one-time investment. 

5. Safety

In terms of safety, dispensing water from water dispensers is pretty healthy and hygiene compared to water bottles. Water coolers dispense safe drinking water at desired temperatures. Moreover, water dispensers are designed with built-in advanced filtration systems. These mechanisms remove toxic substances from water and provide clean and safe drinking water.

Water bottles carry harmful bacteria compared to the tap water. Moreover, it’s not safe to drink bottled water for a long period. Storing water in bottles for a long time increases the chemicals that eventually cause several health problems.

6. Portability

Water dispensers aren’t portable. These devices can be fixed in one place by connecting them to the main water line. It is not possible for people to carry it any place. Some of them are electric water dispensers that run through electricity. Even the non-electric water dispensers can’t be carried to other places easily.

On the other hand, water bottles can be carried to anyplace anytime. They are highly portable. It’s the only factor that we find beneficial in the case of water bottles. People usually prefer carrying water bottles during the journey. Otherwise, water dispensers are highly preferable as they render copious services to the customers. 

Limitations of Water Cooler Dispensers

There are a lot of benefits of using water dispensers over water bottles. Still, there are a few downfalls to water dispensers that are mentioned below:

  • Cleaning is highly difficult [Not in the case of self-cleaning water dispensers]
  • Need Electric source [Increased electricity bill]
  • Non-electric dispensers must be refilled constantly
  • Requires more maintenance 

Final Words

Upon considering the vital factors aforementioned, you can contemplate on whether to purchase a water dispenser or water bottles. Purchasing water bottles in bulk quantity isn’t the right choice. Instead, one can spend that amount on buying a high-quality water dispenser and consume water at a preferred temperature. We assume this guide on Water Dispensers Vs Water Bottles has helped you in picking the right choice. To know more about water dispensers like various brands, trending models, and more, just stay tuned to our website.

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