Top Loading Vs. Bottom Loading Vs. Point of Use Water Dispensers

One must have a water dispenser at home to access cool water easily without the need for expensive refrigerators. A wide range of water dispensers is currently ruling the market. There is a huge demand for various water cooler dispenser models. Most people might be confused about the major difference between various dispenser loading types. Whenever you plan to purchase a dispenser, you need to be very specific about the type. The major loading types include top-loading, bottom loading, and point of use water dispensers. What’s the key difference between these types of dispensers? For a clear understanding, we have come up with Top Loading Vs Bottom Loading Vs Point of Use Water Dispensers. Have a glance!


What is Top Loading Water Dispenser?

Top-loading is one of the major types of water dispensers available in the market. In this type of dispenser, the water bottle is placed on the top of the device. This water dispenser type is highly eased to operate in offices, malls, and other public places. One of the primary advantages of this dispenser type is that it is easy to find whenever the bottle runs out of water. This eventually helps people in replacing it with a new water bottle. Just like the benefit, there is a potential drawback of top-loading water dispenser. Every time, for refilling the bottle, you need to lift and turn it upside down. Sometimes, water may get spilled whilst replacing the bottle. It’s the major limitation of top-loading water dispensers.

What is Bottom Loading Water Dispenser?

The bottom loading water dispenser is another major type of water dispenser. One can find a cabinet at the bottom for placing a water bottle in it. This dispenser dispenses water from the water bottle that’s placed at the bottom of the machine. One of the fundamental benefits of this type is that it evades unnecessary liftings and spillings in the surroundings. It keeps the surroundings clean and refilling isn’t arduous. Moreover, the look and design of bottom-loading water dispensers will be contemporary and stylish. As the refill bottle doesn’t show up on the external side, this dispenser appears attractive.

What is the ‘Point of Use’ Water Dispenser?

The point of use water dispenser is a bottleless type of dispenser that doesn’t require any bottle. This type of dispenser is directly connected to the main water line and renders an endless water supply. Mostly, the point of use dispenser is a bottleless water cooler dispenser. This type of dispenser offers top-notch features like different temperature settings for dispensing water at varying temperatures. Moreover, this type renders high-end specs like a nightlight, child safety lock, and more. 

Each type of water dispenser has it’s own pros and cons. Before heading to know them, one can check the difference between bottom loading, top-loading, and bottleless water dispensers. Get to know the key differences between these three types of dispensers. Check it out!

Difference between Top Loading, Bottom Loading and Point of Use Water Coolers

Various types of water dispensers are available for all groups of customers. Some of them require electric connection while some of the dispensers run sans electric power. The key difference between Bottom Loading, Top Loading, and Bottleless Water Dispensers is the loading type of the water bottle. Besides this, there are some other notable differences between these types of water coolers. We furnished the difference between all these types of dispensers considering various factors. Check it out!

1. Installation

Everyone prefers an easy installation process instead of hectic procedures for setting up a water dispenser. Know what kind of set up and the time required for installing any of these three dispenser types. 

Top Loading Water Dispenser

  • Toploading water dispensers are easy to install. It doesn’t require much installation procedure as it comes with a top loading bottle setup. 
  • Mostly, top loading water dispensers are designed with lightweight and high-quality plastic. 
  • This makes a top loading water dispenser a portable device. Only one or a maximum of 2 persons can easily move this product from one place to another.
  • The top loading water dispensers require adequate space in-home or at the workplace. After placing a water bottle on it, it takes some additional height in the corner of your room. This type of dispenser must be installed in a place where there is enough height so that the roof doesn’t get touched.

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • On the other hand, bottom loading water dispensers are mostly similar to the toploading dispensers. 
  • However, the key difference is the loading type. In the case of bottom loading, the water bottle will be placed in the bottom cabinet.
  • Another difference is the water pump set up in this device so as to draw water into the water tank. Since it is a bottom loading type dispenser the water bottle or jug is placed at the bottom. Using the water pump, water will be drawn easily into the tanks for easy dispensing.
  • Due to the pump, the weight of this dispenser may not be increased. Still, they are pretty easy to carry similar to the top-loading dispenser. 
  • In terms of design, the bottom loading dispensers appear impressive, unlike its counterpart. With its compact design and short structure, it perfectly fits your home or office even in confined space.

Point of Use Water Dispenser

  • The Point of Use Water Dispenser is directly connected to the main water line. A professional plumber is required for installing the point of use water dispensers to the main water source. However, the installation time is pretty less than it sounds.

2. Convenience

People spend maximum bucks on purchasing a water dispenser to enjoy drinking purified water. It’s not the only thing but, people like to do everything at the touch of a button. For enhanced ease and convenience, people look forward to purchasing a high-end dispenser. Check the difference between Bottom Loading, Top Loading, and Bottleless Water Dispensers in terms of the convenience factor.

Top Loading Water Dispenser

  • In terms of convenience, the top loading water dispenser is less convenient compared to the other two dispensers. 
  • The frequent filling of water bottles is truly difficult. Even, the storage of water bottles in your home or office is risky. It requires more energy and storage space as well.
  • Compared to the bottom loading and point of use dispensers, the top loading water dispenser is less convenient. 

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • The bottom loading water dispenser is truly convenient to operate and set up as well. 
  • It doesn’t require much time to place a water bottle within the cabinet. The reason is that the cabinet is present at the bottom of the device.
  • This type of dispenser model is quite easy to operate. 

Point of Use Water Dispenser

  • The Point of Use or Bottleless water cooler dispensers is very convenient whilst accessing it. 
  • As it is a bottleless water cooler, there is no hectic need of changing the empty bottles quite often. Hence, these are very handy compared to other dispenser types. 

3. Refilling

Usually, the top loading or bottom loading water dispensers need refilling the empty bottles with fresh water bottles. Understand the necessity of refilling in all three types of dispensers. 

Top Loading Water Dispenser

  • There is another important factor that helps in finding the Difference Between Bottom Loading, Top Loading, and Bottleless Water Dispensers. The necessity of refilling water dispensers with fresh bottles is another crucial factor. 
  • In the case of top loading dispenser, refilling the empty bottle with a fresh one every time is very time-consuming.
  • But, one advantage is that an individual can easily find whenever the bottle becomes empty. The empty bottle can be replaced with a fresh bottle within no time. 
  • Still, for replacing the bottle, you need to lift and flip for placing it on the top of the dispenser. Repeating this process often is truly time-taking and risky as well. 

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • The bottom loading water dispenser can be refilled easily just by placing the new bottle in the cabinet.
  • All you need to do is to seal the bottle cap and fit inside the bottom cabinet. 
  • Further, the water pump will suck the water to fill the cold or hot water tanks.
  • The jeopardy of lifting and spilling water on the surface can be curbed in the case of bottom loading dispensers.

Point of Use Water Dispenser

  • There is no need for refilling or replacing water bottles as it is a bottleless water dispenser. 
  • The POU dispensers are directly connected to the main water line so that it provides endless water supply.
  • All you need to do is to alter the filters for every 6 or 12 months. 

4. Filtration

One must make sure that the filtration mechanism in a water dispenser is of high quality before the purchase. Mostly, people purchase water cooler dispensers especially for drinking purified and filtered water. Check how each type of water dispenser filters water for drinking purposes. 

Top Loading Water Dispenser

  • Some of the top loading water dispensers come with integrated filtration systems. Mostly, people prefer the dispensers that come with a built-in filtration mechanism for accessing clean and purified water. 
  • With the filtration mechanism, the water that comes from the water bottle will be filtered and enters the water tank. From there, one can easily get their highly purified cup of water at the preferred temperature. 

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • The bottom loading dispensers usually come with an innovative filtration mechanism. Through such systems, water that comes through the pump will be filtered. 
  • Ultimately, one can get purified drinking water through the hot or cold spigots. 

Point of Use Water Dispenser

  • A point of use water dispenser doesn’t require a bottle to be placed on it. Mostly, the bottleless dispensers come with a replaceable filter that aids in purifying the water.
  • For filtration, it uses sediment filter and carbon blocks. These two unique filters remove dust particles and other contaminants present in tap water.
  • Through these filtration mechanisms, the taste, odor, and color of the water alter sometimes.
  • Moreover, the use of POU dispensers is eco-friendly as we ditch plastic usage by evading bottles. 

5. Quality of Water

A maximum number of people purchase a water cooler dispenser specifically to fulfill their choice of drinking quality water. For leading a healthy lifestyle, people prefer drinking high-quality water that’s free of harmful metals and dust particles. Just check this factor in the case of Top Loading Vs Bottom Loading Vs Point of Use Water Dispensers. By doing so, one can easily decide about the type of dispenser they can go with. Check it out!

Top Loading Water Dispenser

  • Few of the top loading water dispensers go through popular filtration treatments such as carbon filters. These filters help remove heavy metals and harmful particles present in water. 
  • As a result, it increases the quality of water. 
  • The removal of increased chlorine in water enhances hygiene and water taste as well.

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • Even the bottom loading water dispensers come featured with stainless steel tanks. One can enjoy drinking clean and chilled water. 
  • As these dispensers use stainless steel, one may not experience plastic taste whilst drinking water.

Point of Use Water Dispenser

  • With the use of high-end filtration systems, the point of use water dispensers provide highly purified water.
  • Even, the taste and odor of the water delivered through POU dispensers will be highly improved. One can relish drinking purified water that comes through the bottleless dispensers.
  • One can overcome some of the health problems by drinking water that comes from bottleless water coolers.

6. Price

Price is another important factor in understanding the difference between bottom loading, top loading, and bottleless water dispensers. To understand, which loading type of dispenser is better, check the price range. One can pick the affordable one if they are highly particular about their budget. Otherwise, go with the one that offers high-end specs and fulfills the ease and convenience of the customer.

Top Loading Water Dispenser

  • The top loading water cooler dispensers are truly affordable for office or home purposes. However, the cost mostly ranges in the budget level of an individual. Still, it relies on the dispenser model that you want to purchase. 
  • Meanwhile, the cost of water jugs or bottles might be more in the case of top loading dispensers. A family requires at least 4 to 6 gallons of water every month. The delivery cost of the water bottles will be eventually high compared to the dispenser price.

Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • The bottom loading water dispensers might be pretty expensive compared to the top-loading dispensers.
  • The same thing repeats in the case of bottom loading dispensers i.e., the cost of water bottles.

Point of Use Water Dispenser

  • Lastly, the point of use water dispensers might be high-priced. But, not more than the monthly cost that you spend on the delivery charges of water bottles.
  • It’s like a one-time investment when you purchase a point of use water dispenser. 
  • The point of use water coolers operates precisely, in the long run, providing all sorts of top-notch features. 
  • By purchasing a POU water cooler, you can curb the cost of water jugs delivery, fuel charges, and more.

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to understand about Top Loading Vs Bottom Loading Vs Point of Use Water Dispensers. We hope this guide has given adequate information about these three types of dispensers. Once you are completely cognizant of the difference between top-loading, bottom loading, and point of use water coolers, you can make your choice. All in all, the point of use water dispenser perfectly fits in your home and office. Moreover, the cost of this type is comparatively less than the delivery charges of a single water bottle.  It’s all in your hand whether to purchase a bottled top-loading, bottom loading, or bottleless water cooler. Just stay tuned to this website to get more product-related reviews and water dispenser types.

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